Interacting With Others Online When You’re Introverted or Shy

I am very introverted and though I’ve spent a large majority of my life online, I never really interacted with anyone. Same goes with in real life. I generally like to keep to myself, which I know some people perceive as being rude. But to be honest, I struggle sometimes just to step outside of my head and say my thoughts out loud as I never know how anyone will take my words. Or when people try to get my input, the words simply don’t come to my mind until after the situation has already passed. Sometimes it feels like pressure and other times it’s an obstacle.  But it’s something I’ve been really pushing myself to actually do in both areas. As how are you going to make friends in either area, if you don’t try?

Dealing with Cyberbullies

Hello Everybody, Another serious post, sorry if you’re not a fan of these but it’s something I feel really strongly about. Before I get into the how to deal with cyberbullies, I feel like I need to get something off my chest. Or rather I need to saw how I’ve dealt with this in the past and then I’ll get into how it should honestly be handled. Because I did not handle it the best…