Pokemon Go: Hatching Eggs

Pokemon Go was a major trend in 2016 and is still around today though you don’t see as many people glued with their eyes to their phone walking as slow as possible to catch Pokemon. Though there is still a strong community around the app with surges of players during their special events. I still play this game from time to time as I work downtown and it’s good to kill a few minutes while waiting in line for some lunch. Today I wanted to focus on the eggs and what hatches from each of the tiers.

Life Lately | July 2016

Oh July has been a very interesting month. From being stressed out over my budget, to working and planning a lot of projects, walking everywhere for Pokémon Go, and making sure Pixie Bug and Winnie Bear get along.

Pokemon Go Adventures

So ever since the phone application came out, I’ve been obsessed with it. And has really helped me with my goal of taking Pixie for walks every day. Which has worked really well, as I’ve been getting up and walking rather than being lazy in my townhouse. Plus my roommate, Harley, is playing as well and I convinced her to join Team Valor with me. So we take both the doggies for walks so it doesn’t look like we’re just playing Pokemon Go. But it’s been a lot of fun.