The 4 Things That Have Helped Grow My Blog

A lot of times in the blogging community, you can write a killer post that you spent a lot of time working on only not to see anything come from it. No comments, no traffic, no nothing. It’s frustrating. So I’ve been trying new things since I started blogging and they have really helped to organically grow my blog.

Let’s Talk About… Going Offline

This is something I’ve been debating on for the past few months. I find myself always online either on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or blogging. So I’m setting a goal for myself that starting September 1st until October 1st, I’m going to be completely offline. Now I am prepping blog posts for every day while I’m offline as well as some YouTube videos, but these will be un-monitored for the entire month. And I’m still panicking for this as I feel like I’m going to missing everything, but that’s the exact reason why I need to take the entire month off. I’m too addicted to it. I stay up at night being online and it’s the first thing I do when I wake up.

Let’s Talk About… 100 Days of Makeup on Instagram

Starting at the beginning of June, I am making it a goal of mine for 100 days to post something makeup related every single day. And since my theme on Instagram is having 3 similar posts in a row, I’m not sure if that means 3 images a day or I do 3 days of similar things. Like a makeup look 3 times then product close ups 3 times. Or a combination of both. I’m doing this challenge to further improve my photography skills as well as to get better overall with makeup. I’m planning on doing a lot of things I haven’t tried before like body painting and advant garde. Normally I use references but I’m in the mood to create something original.

Interacting With Others Online When You’re Introverted or Shy

I am very introverted and though I’ve spent a large majority of my life online, I never really interacted with anyone. Same goes with in real life. I generally like to keep to myself, which I know some people perceive as being rude. But to be honest, I struggle sometimes just to step outside of my head and say my thoughts out loud as I never know how anyone will take my words. Or when people try to get my input, the words simply don’t come to my mind until after the situation has already passed. Sometimes it feels like pressure and other times it’s an obstacle.  But it’s something I’ve been really pushing myself to actually do in both areas. As how are you going to make friends in either area, if you don’t try?

Let’s Talk About… Going Offline

We’ve all been guilty of spending aimless amount of time just scrolling through our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram instead of doing other things. For instance before going to bed I find myself flipping between the different applications looking at posts that I honestly could skip without missing anything. Not to say that I don’t enjoy the applications and those I follow, but you know what I mean. Instead of doing these types of activities, I put off other ones that I really used to enjoy.