Subnautica Below Zero: Assembling Al-An (Architect) a new Vessel

One of the main plot points in Subnautica: Below Zero is helping an Architect named Al-An. First by finding the member of the Architects, who is only the consciousness of the being uploaded to a data hub. The power of that hub started to fail and Alterra did not want to assist. Robin however becomes the new storage medium as Al-An uploads themselves into her head when she tries to help. This resists in the two talking and coming to the agreement that Robin will help Al-An make a new vessel. Which is what I’m going to be sharing details on where to find and build in this post.

Dragon Age Origins: To Help or Not to Help The Architect

One of the most interesting creatures or characters that you come across during Dragon Age: Awakening, which is a DLC for Dragon Age: Origin is the Architect. This is a unique darkspawn emissary as he has developed a will of his own and doesn’t respond to the call of the Old Gods. He also has the ability to talk unlike all other darkspawn. And during the course of the DLC, you have the option to help or reject/defeat the Architect. But what exactly does he want? And what does that mean for the games?