Valentine’s Day Inspired Makeup Look Book

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I’m probably chilling by myself eating some ice cream while binge watching TV on Netflix. I’m not huge into Valentine’s Day to be honest mainly as I’m always single, but I know a lot of people out there love the holiday. So today I’m just going to share several looks I created for the holiday. Some of these were posted over on Instagram and others were not so they would be special to this blog post.

The Sims 4: Valentine’s Inspired Small House Build

I originally had a Valentine’s makeup tutorial that I was going to post today but everything just went royally wrong with it. But I did film a house build for my gaming channel, that is inspired by the holiday. It’s a super small house good for one sim that has a lot of pinks and reds, as well as flowers and is in the shape of a heart. So I hope you enjoy this build instead.

Things to do on Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

If you’re anything like me, February becomes the month where: All your Facebook friends are posting pictures of their significant others. All your Facebook friends are getting engaged. The sudden realization that you’re spending another Valentine’s day solo. And I normally don’t make a fuse about Valentine’s day. I have had plenty of them solo, but this year it just seems to be hitting a little harder. Maybe it’s because of all the engagements of…