My Thoughts on Moon Touched (Zodiac Wolves: The Lost Pack Book 1) by Elizabeth Briggs

I first saw Moon Touched by Elizabeth Briggs on TikTok. Someone shared a quote from the book and I was like “ok that looks interesting” so I decided to check it out. Not really having much to go on other than that one quote. And after reading the summary on Amazon, I decided to read the book on Kindle. This is the first book in the Zodiac Wolves: The Lost Pack triology. And so far, it’s the only book of the series released with the next one coming out in November. Normally, I shelve those books until the full series is released. But I couldn’t resist starting this one.

Dragon Age Origins: Werewolves vs Dalish Elves

I’ve done another versus before in Dragon Age for templars versus mages. But I thought I would take it back to the original game, and do a few different versuses. As there are a few races faced against each other in this game other than just the common two. So for this next installment, I thought I would focus on the werewolves versus Dalish elves. As I found this to be such an interesting story line though it was very brief, and only really lasted the one game. Though there is mention of it in Dragon Age 2 when you pass by a group outside of Kirkwall.