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Tandem Reading Guide for A Touch of Ruin and A Gate of Retribution by Scarlett St. Clair


When I initially read A Touch of Ruin by Scalett St. Clair, I was wondering what the heck Hades was doing the majority of the time. He’s apart from Persephone for a large amount of time, not to mention he doesn’t really get into his motives or reasons for things. So, I was looking forward to A Game of Retribution coming out. Now that it’s been released, I’m sharing a tandem reading guide between the two. This is not perfectly lined but as close as possible without going by the page.

Tandem Reading Guide for A Touch of Ruin (ATOR) and A Gate of Retribution (AGOR)

  • AGOR Chapter 1
  • ATOR Chapter 1
  • AGOR Chapter 2-3
  • ATOR Chapter 2
  • AGOR Chapter 4-5
  • ATOR Chapter 3-4
  • AGOR Chapter 6-7
  • ATOR Chapter 5
  • AGOR Chapter 8
  • ATOR Chapter 6-8
  • AGOR Chapter 9-10
  • ATOR Chapter 9
  • AGOR Chapter 11
  • ATOR Chapter 10
  • AGOR Chapter 12
  • ATOR Chapter 11
  • AGOR Chapter 13-14
  • ATOR Chapter 12-13
  • AGOR Chapter 15-16
  • ATOR Chapter 14-15
  • AGOR Chapter 17-18
  • ATOR Chapter 16
  • AGOR Chapter 19-20
  • ATOR Chapter 17-18
  • AGOR Chapter 21
  • ATOR Chapter 19-20
  • AGOR Chapter 22
  • ATOR Chapter 21
  • AGOR Chapter 23
  • ATOR Chapter 22
  • AGOR Chapter 24
  • ATOR Chapter 23
  • AGOR Chapter 25
  • ATOR Chapter 24
  • AGOR Chapter 26
  • ATOR Chapter 25-26
  • AGOR Chapter 27-28
  • ATOR Chapter 27
  • AGOR Chapter 29
  • ATOR Chapter 28
  • AGOR Chapter 30

Which books do you prefer to read in tandem versus separately? Also, if you’ve read either book, what did you think of them?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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