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Tandem Reading Guide for Empire of Storm and Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas


Today’s tandem reading guide is for Empire of Storm and Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas. On my initial reading of this series, I read the books separately. I have read the entire series multiple times over since then, and many times I have done a tandem read between these two books. I found it helpful as it shows a lot of light on some of the things that happen between the books and keeps the timeline straight in my head on what happened when. If you’re not a massive fan of Chaol by the end of Queen of Shadows, this can help get you through the book that does not include Aelin. Because there are a lot of great characters that come out of Tower of Dawn that you wouldn’t have a lot of background on if you just skipped to Kingdom of Ash, not to mention a bunch of details regarding Maeve that were learned in Tower of Dawn.

Tandem Reading Guide for Empire of Storm (EOS) and Tower of Dawn (TOD)

  • EOS “Nightfall” to Chapter 5
  • TOD Chapter 1
  • EOS Chapter 6-8
  • TOD Chapter 2-3
  • EOS Chapter 9-10
  • TOD Chapter 4-6
  • EOS Chapter 11
  • TOD Chapter 7
  • EOS Chapter 12-13
  • TOD Chapter 8-10
  • EOS Chapter 14-16
  • TOD Chapter 11-12
  • EOS Chapter 17-18
  • TOD Chapter 13-16
  • EOS Chapter 19
  • TOD Chapter 20-23
  • EOS Chapter 18-21
  • TOD Chapter 24-25
  • EOS Chapter 22-23
  • TOD Chapter 26
  • EOS Chapter 27-29
  • TOD Chapter 25-28
  • EOS Chapter 30
  • TOD Chapter 29-31
  • EOS Chapter 31
  • TOD Chapter 32
  • EOS Chapter 32
  • TOD Chapter 32-35
  • EOS Chapter 33-51
  • TOD Chapter 36-37
  • EOS Chapter 52
  • TOD Chapter 38-40
  • EOS Chapter 53
  • TOD Chapter 41-42
  • EOS Chapter 54-56
  • TOD Chapter 43
  • EOS Chapter 57-59
  • TOD Chapter 44-48
  • EOS Chapter 60-61
  • TOD Chapter 49-51
  • EOS Chapter 62-63
  • TOD Chapter 52-53
  • EOS Chapter 64-65
  • TOD Chapter 54-56
  • EOS Chapter 66-67
  • TOD Chapter 57
  • EOS Chapter 68-75
  • TOD Chapter 58 to “Fireheart”

How did you end up reading these books the first time around? Together or apart? Also, what books would you like a reading guide for next?

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