Tandem Reading Guide of A Touch of Darkness and A Game of Fate by Scarlett St. Clair

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I enjoy reading books in Tandem when they are related (take place at the same time), I flip back and forth between the stories to get the whole picture of what’s going on. Usually, I read the books this way on the second reading rather than the first time. So, my experience it’s hindered by going back and forth between two different books. Or I’ve already read the first book. But sometimes that can be really helpful. So, I thought I would share a reading guide for a tandem read of A Touch of Darkness (ATOD) and A Game of Fate (AGOF) by Scarlett St. Clair.

I’m probably going to be posting a few of these reading guides this week along with my thoughts on the latest book in that series since it’s releasing this week. Though not all the tandem reading guides will be for this series.

Tandem Reading Guide for A Touch of Darkness (ATOD) and A Gate of Fate (AGOF)

  • ATOD Chapter 1
  • AGOF Chapters 1-2
  • ATOD Chapter 2
  • AGOF Chapter 3-4
  • ATOD Chapter 3-4
  • AGOF Chapter 5-7
  • ATOD Chapter 5
  • AGOF Chapter 8
  • ATOD Chapter 6-7
  • AGOF Chapter 9-11
  • ATOD Chapter 8-9
  • AGOF Chapter 12-13
  • ATOD Chapter 10-11
  • AGOF Chapter 14
  • ATOD Chapter 12
  • AGOF Chapter 15
  • ATOD Chapter 13-14
  • AGOF Chapter 16-17
  • ATOD Chapter 15
  • AGOF Chapter 18
  • ATOD Chapter 16
  • AGOF Chapter 19
  • ATOD Chapter 17-21
  • AGOF Chapter 20-23
  • ATOD Chapter 22
  • AGOF Chapter 24-25
  • ATOD Chapter 23
  • AGOF Chapter 26-28
  • ATOD Chapter 24
  • AGOF Chapter 29-30
  • ATOD 25-26
  • AGOF Chapter 31

Which books do you prefer to read in tandem versus separately?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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