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Tandem Reading Guide of The Awakening by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti


The next tandem reading guide I’m doing is between The Awakening and The Awakening as Told by the Boys by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti. Both of these are the first books in the Zodiac Academy series. These books were published two years apart from each other, and you don’t really need to read the retelling to understand the story. Most of the elements brought up in The Awakening as Told by the Boys are mentioned later, but it does give some context for where the guys’ thought process was at the time when they were bullying Tori and Darcy Vega.

Tandem Reading Guide for The Awakening (TA) and The Awakening As Told by the Boys (TAATB)

  • TAATB Prologue
  • TA Chapter 1-2
  • TAATB Chapter 1
  • TA Chapter 3-4
  • TAATB Chapter 2
  • TA Chapter 5
  • TAATB Chapter 3
  • TA Chapter 6
  • TAATB Chapter 4
  • TA Chapter 7
  • TAATB Chapter 5
  • TA Chapter 8
  • TAATB Chapter 6
  • TA Chapter 9
  • TAATB Chapter 7-8
  • TA Chapter 10
  • TAATB Chapter 9
  • TA Chapter 11-12
  • TAATB Chapter 10
  • TA Chapter 13
  • TAATB Chapter 11-13
  • TA Chapter 14
  • TAATB Chapter 14
  • TA Chapter 15
  • TAATB Chapter 15
  • TA Chapter 16
  • TAATB Chapter 16-19
  • TA Chapter 17
  • TAATB Chapter 20
  • TA Chapter 18
  • TAATB Chapter 21
  • TA Chapter 19
  • TAATB Chapter 22
  • TA Chapter 20
  • TAATB Chapter 23
  • TA Chapter 21
  • TAATB Chapter 24
  • TA Chapter 22
  • TAATB Chapter 25
  • TA Chapter 23
  • TAATB Chapter 26-28
  • TA Chapter 24
  • TAATB Chapter 29
  • TA Chapter 25-26
  • TAATB Chapter 30-31

What do you think of the Zodiac Academy Series?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. August 2, 2022 / 4:47 PM

    I have found this guide to be really helpful, though sometimes the chapters don’t match up. Like reading ya 19 before ATbtB 22 and 20 before 23. I like doing the guys pov right after the girls scene

    • Mae Polzine
      August 2, 2022 / 5:00 PM

      Of course! Yeah, some of them don’t line up completely well especially as one chapter might occur in the middle of the girls and it depends on your preference on which order you want to read them in (guys vs girls).
      ♥ Mae

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