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Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish Review


Like a lot of other bloggers, I used to use Essie Nail Polish all the time. It was the only nail polish in my collection. In August 2016, I decided to switch to only using cruelty-free makeup, which Essie is not. So I started looking around for something new to replace it that I loved just as much but wasn’t having much luck. Either the pigmentation was crap or chipped off like nobody’s business. Then during Christmas I got Tanya Burr’s 12 Days of Christmas where I got three of her nail polishes. And I loved the quality of them, so I decided to order all the other ones that were available through FeelUnique, I think that was all but one of the polishes. I have worn the polishes every week since I got them. They dry done quickly without looking patchy, the color is true to what’s in the bottle, and it lasts a little over a week before I see any significant wear.

Mini Marshmallows Peaches & Cream Piggy Bank Pick ‘n’ Mix Bright & Early Mischief Managed Sleigh Bells Glitters and Gold Glitter Rain Duvet Day New Chapter Soft Pyjamas Fairy Godmother Penguin Chick New York Night

I really love the these nail polishes and would absolutely love to get more in the future! What are some of your favorite cruelty-free nail polishes? I would love to try some of them in the future.

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