Tanya Burr Lipstick Review – Birthday Cake & Happily Ever After

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I have enjoyed Tanya Burr Cosmetics products for a while. Her lip glosses are my all time favorite formula and I’m almost always wearing one of her nail polishes especially New York Night. So when I finally saw two of her lipsticks come back into stock I wanted to give it a try before getting the full collection of lipsticks. Especially since I have to have them shipped internationally and I wanted to make sure I really loved it. So the two shades I was able to get a hold of were Birthday Cake and Happily Ever After. And I’ve been trying this formula for a few months, so I believe I have a good idea about these lipsticks at this point.

The packaging is adorable with the square gold tube and her label embossed on one side. On the very bottom of the packaging, you get the name of the lipstick as well as a swatch of the color. So if you displayed your lipsticks vertically you could easily see what shade you are reaching for. I, however, do not do this so I have to pick each up to figure out which shade I’m applying.

These lipsticks are very smooth and the formula melts into your lips. But this does come with a drawback that it’s not one swipe and you’re done. You have to apply multiple layers to get good pigmentation, but it is buildable though make sure you do a lip scrub first or every crack in your lip is very noticeable. These are also not long wear so you have to make sure to bring the tube with you throughout the day to reapply. Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t like these lipsticks. I do enjoy the shades and feel of this lipstick on the lips. But I don’t believe it’s good enough compared to the rest of my lipsticks for me to actual go purchase the rest of the collection. Especially as there aren’t many shades I would actually see myself wearing these days. And I don’t reach for these lipsticks over any of my other ones, especially compared to my liquid lipsticks.

Birthday Cake

Happily Ever After

If you’ve tried these lipsticks before, what are your opinions?

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