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Tarte Magic Star Collection’s Set


Tarte is one of those brands where I love almost everything that they come out with. Last year I got their holiday collection which was very similar to this. But this month the Ulta Collector set has a much more unique design. The Sephora Collector set is a lot like last years, which is why I opted for the Ulta set. This gift set is shaped in a star that unfolds to reveal 25 eyeshadows, two blushes, a matte bronzer, a highlighter, mascara, eyeliner, a matte lip paint, and a gloss lip paint. The other set that I did not get has very similar products but opens like a book rather than a star. And is bulkier, so this one is easier to bring along and have a full-face kit on the go. Which is perfect if you are just starting a collection or want to try a bunch of their products as it includes basically everything you need minus a primer and foundation.

Limited-edition set includes:

About the products:


Left to Right: Matte Bronzer, Highlighter, and 2 Blushes (heir which is a peachy pin & seek which is a soft shimmer pink).

Left to Right: Genie, Joyous, Festival, Euphoria, and Magical

Left to Right: Fringe, Gems, Majestic, Starry, and Paradise

Note: You can’t really see the shade Paradise as it blends in with my skin, but for me this is the perfect base or setting shadow which I put on before any other shadow after I put on an eyeprimer.

Left to Right: Goblet, Indulgence, Bangle, Treasured, and Sweets.

Note: Sweets is super powdery so there is a lot of kick back and fall out with this shade. But it does blend in really nicely.

Left to Right: Sublime, Dessert, Broach, Palatial, and Wander

Left to Right: Lavish, Antique, Tassel, Getaway, and Pendant

Overall Thoughts

I really love this collection. The mascara is not my favorite from Tarte as I prefer the Lights Camera Lashes Mascara in comparison to this one, but otherwise I loved everything in the Collection. There was also only one shadow that gave me any issues in the palette which was Sweets as I mentioned earlier. This shade has a lot of kick back/fall out as it has so much glitter in it. You might want to use a glitter primer before applying it to your eyes. But it does blend out really nicely. But I would just be warned about that. I have been wearing this palette a lot just like all my other Tarte eyeshadows as they are my all time favorite shadows. I just think they work the best out of everything in my collection, though I do use my other palettes. So if you were just starting out with makeup, this would be a great thing to start out with as it has basically everything you need. Plus this Collection is very easy to travel with in comparison to the collection from last year and the one this year available at Sephora. Overall, this collection gets two massive thumbs up from me!

What do you think of Tarte’s eyeshadows or this collection?

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