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Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Review/Swatches


I’m not into the whole unicorn trend but I really wanted this palette as I thought it was perfect for spring as it has a lot of glittery colorful shadows that pair so nicely together. I was going to do a Tarte One Brand tutorial with this palette and other Tarte products that I have, but my voice is still gone so that will have to happen sometime in the future. Plus I need to get other products as well before I do that since I don’t have quite a few things. But enough about things that aren’t happening now but in the future, and get onto the review and swatches!

I love the design of this palette. It may be from their unicorn collection, but the pattern doesn’t scream unicorns. It’s more pink and blue geometric, so this would can still be very well received even when the whole unicorn trend fades away. I love how the top is more neutral and can be used to create a variety of looks even if bright, fun colors aren’t your thing. And I’ve been experimenting with trying to add more colors into my looks, so this palette is wonderful for that. Plus the colors you do get in the bottom of the palette, are very muted so they aren’t over the top. Which goes with the whole unicorn thing of the moment.


Top to bottom: crystal, pixie, myth, magic, wings, and the highlighter from the middle (Couldn’t find the name of this) Top to bottom: Dream, Mystic, Fairy, Trance, and Marvel

Overall, I love this palette! And would highly recommend it! I cannot wait to see what Tarte comes out with next as I love this brand!

Side Note: This isn’t really part of the review, but I felt the need to say it with all the tea spilled recently on social media. Too Faced was way out of line for shading Tarte on their unicorn collection for Spring 2017. Sure Too Faced as a lipstick called Unicorn Tears, but hell they didn’t invent the trend. Lime Crime has had unicorn lipsticks for ages, Jeffree Star has a lipstick called Unicorn’s Blood, and Starbucks had the unicorn frappuccino, but did Too Faced go after them? No. Just Tarte. It was uncalled for and since then they have been yelling at their customers who called them out on it that they shouldn’t even bother purchasing their products ever again. And I wasn’t a huge Too Faced fan to begin with, their elegant floral brand isn’t really my thing. And half of their products I’m allergic to or disappointed in, so I’m making the decision that I’m never going to be buying from Too Faced ever again. It’s just overpriced and have horrible customer service. I am working on a Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara dupe product… originally was going to be for Benefit Roller Lash Mascara since they aren’t cruelty free, so I’m combining the two things to create a battle of the mascaras. Let me know your suggestions in the comments as that will be coming later this week.

What is your opinion of the Make Believe in Yourself eye and cheek palette? Or on the current unicorn trend?

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