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Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, Worth the Hype?


I don’t know why this post has taken me this long to write. I seriously love the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer as many others do. On most days instead of wearing a full face of foundation, I will just use this concealer. It seriously does wonders for me. And this concealer came out in Summer of 2016 and part of the permanent collection for Tarte Double Duty Beauty Collection. I have no idea why Tarte named it the Shape Tape, but I have a fuzzy feeling it’s because it just covers everything like… tape… and you can use it to shape out things? I don’t know.

Anyways this concealer is a 2-in-1 full coverage concealer with a matte finish that is available in 14 shades from Fair (very fair skin) to Mahogany (ultra-deep skin with cool undertones). Plus it has a giant sponge applicator that distributes the product evenly. I personally use Fair and Light Fair, the first for under my eyes to lighten them and light fair everywhere else. And I will probably at some point get a deeper one that I could use as a contour, but I don’t really need that so I don’t know if I would actually go purchase a third shade as each one is $24 for 0.3381 oz of product. And is available on Tarte’s website and exclusively at Ulta/

Now, this isn’t a super light formula, in fact, it is thick and creamy but when it sets I hardly notice it on my skin. And just a note on the setting, it does set fast so make sure you blend it out right away or you will notice it in a major way. But once blended it conforms to your skin and looks like a second-skin as it doesn’t crease or cake like a lot of other concealers do. Plus the formula lasts for a solid eight hours without fading which is a major plus on the days where I’m only wearing this instead of foundation.

As far as ideal skin type to have, I would say oily skin will enjoy this product more than those with dry skin. As dry skin might make it more noticeable as compared to a second-layer of skin. Neither of which I have as I just have normal or sensitive skin depending on the day.

Shape Tape in Light

Shape Tape in Fair

Left :Shape Tape in Light, Right: Shape Tape in Fair

What do you think of the Tarte Tape Shape? Or do you have a concealer you think does a far better job?


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