Taylor Swift Midnights Book Tag

It’s been a hot minute since I did a book tag, and considering Taylor Swift just released a new album called Midnights, I knew several people were probably going to end up making book tags related to it. I really like this one from Star Is All Booked Up, so check out their blog to see the original. But these are the ones I came up with for each of the prompts based on the song titles.

Lavender Haze

a book you will always love and defend

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. Heck, anything in the Shadowhunters universe. I realize it started out with an incest trope, but they aren’t actually siblings. But it’s one of my favorite book series, and whenever I need a comfort read, I often return to these.


a spicy book

I’m not going to pick a single spicy book, but rather an author that writes spicy books. I have read almost everything they’ve released. And I have yet to be disappointed. That author is Ruby Dixon.


unreliable narrator

Aelin (Throne of Glass) and Bryce (Crescent City) from Sarah J. Maas books are unreliable narrators to an extent. At times, they each do schemes where they are doing things off the page and then act like they don’t know what’s going on. Bryce acts like a kid is missing, but she knows where he is. Aelin sets up an entire plot to kill and steal the money from her old master, but we’re not told all the things she does to ensure it’s successful until after the fact. So, you can’t trust them to tell us everything that’s happening.

Snow on the Beach

an unexpected surprise

In A Thorne of Shadows by Tessonja Odette who Cora is, was an unexpected surprise. We knew she was wanted for murder, but not the full extent of why until the end of the book. And what her real name is, as that’s hidden in the same reveal.

You’re on your own kid

a character that really needs a hug

Bree in Legendborn by Tracy Deonn needs a massive hug. She’s been grieving the death of her mother, and could seriously use a hug after she finds out the truth regarding what happened to her.

Midnight rain

star-crossed lovers

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin. Reid is a witch hunter, while Lou is a witch. Yet, the two make a great pair.


grumpy x sunshine (or neurodivergent rep)

A Taste of Poison by Tessonja Odette. Astrid is sunshine all the time, while Torben is grumpy. He doesn’t believe in love, while she’s happy all the time despite the fact that her stepmother accused her of murder.

Vigilante shit

favorite character out for revenge

Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Other than coming up with heists, almost everything he does is based on getting revenge on the guy who robbed his brother blind when they first arrived in Ketterdam.


strong character development

There is great character development throughout the Aisling Sea series by Vanessa Rasanen. Whether that’s learning to trust someone or figuring out who they are in the world. While there may be romance, it’s not the driving factor in their development which I appreciate.


second chance romance

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy. Logan makes so many mistakes resulting in their break up a few times, but the way he makes up for them is incredible. He doesn’t just apologize, he makes a grand display of it and ensures the same thing doesn’t happen again.


favorite full circle moments or parallels 

The Caraval series by Stephanie Garber has several of these parallels or full-circle moments. Something that happened in their (Scarlett and Tella) childhood comes back up as they go through the games. Or something that they focused on as a child, gives insight into how things go.

Sweet Nothing

favorite fluffy/cozy read

My cozy reads are not something I would consider fluffy by any means. It generally is something I’ve read before like Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare, or Jennifer L. Armentrout’s books. I have read their books dozens of times, and if I ever need something ‘cozy’ to return to it’s those.


perfect world-building and storytelling

I’m going to go with a series rather than a single book. I really love the world-building and storytelling of The Broken Kingdoms series by LJ Andrews. It might be broken into four parts, each with its own unique magic system and based on a classic tale (Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Swan Beauty, and Phantom of the Opera) but they take their own twists. Plus, they are interconnected with each other.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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