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The 100: Evolution of Octavia Blake


One of my favorite characters in The CW’s The 100 has to be Octavia Blake, who has gone through by far the greatest evolution during the course of the show’s six seasons with the sixth just kicking off. So I thought I would go over her character arc as I find it just so interesting to see how she has changed over time.

The Girl in the Floorboards

Credit: The CW

Octavia Blake is introduced as one of the original one hundred teenage prisoners that are sent to Earth. She was basically a prisoner purely due to the fact that she was born when families were only allowed to have one child. When she was exposed at a masquerade party, her mother was killed and she was locked up for a year. Her older brother, Bellamy, also happened to be on the spaceship being sent to earth. She is the first individual to step foot on earth and joins the group on most of their first missions to scout the area. Bellamy is very protective over her and scares individuals off who she is interested in.

Meeting the Grounders

Credit; The CW

Lincoln is a grounder that they capture and she befriends then later helps him escape. He helps train her in combat and begin a romantic relationship. Lincoln is really what makes her start to change character wise as she starts to have more of a Grounder’s appearance and starts to learn their language. When Indra comes to the camp during the events of Mount Weather Octavia’s character arc takes another dramatic turn as she becomes Indra’s second in command of Trikru. She learns discipline and becomes even more of a warrior. Fully embracing the Grounders way from how she dresses, acts, and rides around the area. She even gets a tattoo similar to Lincoln’s at this time.

Lincoln’s Death

Credit: The CW

When Lincoln is killed by Pike, Octavia drastically changes as her heart has more or less turned to stone. She goes from siding with the members of the Arc (Skaikru) to not feeling like she fits in anywhere, though she still helps out Bellamy and Clark when the overall population becoming controlled by an AI simulation. She also at this points receives the nickname Skairipa (meaning death from above) as she carries out assassinations. When they stop the AI called ALIE, Octavia kills Pike in cold blood for his part in Lincoln’s death.

The Conclave

Credit: The CW

When radiation threatens to wipe out humanity, the only option is for everyone to go underground in a bunker. To decide the fate of who will leave after there are no more Grounder Commanders, each clan puts forth a companion with the winner getting to decide the fate of everyone left. Octavia manages to become the survivor and allows 100 of every clan to remain in the bunker with the rest being left out to die from radiation. This is the start of her becoming Blodrenia (the Red Queen) and her line, “You are either with Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose.”


Credit: The CW

Six years have passed in the bunker and Octavia is fully the Red Queen. She wears red war paint and forces prisoners to fight to the death. If there was any humanity left in Octavia it died in the bunker when food supplies ran out due to plant disease. Left with the terrible decision of how to keep the people alive, she had to force people to eat their dead or they would be killed. Though that only lasted a year, it was enough to fully kill off whatever sanity Octavia had left. She was even going to release a parasite to kill every individual in an area called Eden (the last spot on Earth with any life), but didn’t get the chance to do with as Clark stops her. She also burnt the remaining food supply so everyone would have to march to Eden to take it over. “Two snakes in the garden, Eden never stood a chance,” Octavia says as they all go to sleep and are sent to another planet to be woken 125 years later.

Season 6 has only just started so we will have to see where her character goes from here. Maybe she’ll come back from Blodreina, or maybe she won’t. Time will only tell.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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