The 100: Most Heart Wrenching Moments

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The 100 is one of my favorite TV shows to watch, and during the course of that show there have been numerous heart wrenching moments. So, I thought I would do another collection post highlighting those moments. Now I have not ordered these from heart breaking to absolutely devastating, but more in the order they happened on the show. Since these are heart wrenching moments, this post will contain a lot of spoilers. If you haven’t seen the show but want to, I suggest you don’t ruin these moments for yourself.

Now this does not include the sixth season as it has not concluded and I have not seen it yet as I’m waiting for it to be over so I can binge watch it all at once.

Finn’s Death

After Clarke and other members of the original 100 are taken by Mount Weather, Finn kills several grounders. To avoid all out war, Finn turns himself in. Clarke pleads for him but there is no saving him from death. So, to avoid Finn being tortured to death Clarke takes matters into her own hands and stabs him in the heart.

Deaths at Mount Weather

This one doesn’t belong to just the death of one person on the show but hundreds including children, elders, and Maya who Jasper was in love with. Clarke and Bellamy open the doors allowing in radiation to stop them from killing their friends in exchange for bone marrow to make the citizens of Mount Weather immune like the grounders. The death of Maya has major effect on Jasper, and the genocide of Mount Weather causes Clarke to run away for some time after the events.

Lexa’s Death

Why did all of the great characters have to die during season 3? Commander Lexa dies in episode 7 of the third season of The 100. Due to a stray bullet that was meant for Clarke right after the two of them finally consummated their relationship. I really wish we had more of these two characters together before they were ripped apart.

Lincoln’s Death

One of my favorite characters next to Octavia in the show had to be Lincoln, so losing him was probably the moment that hit the hardest for me. Layer on Octavia’s reaction followed by her dramatic change as a character and Lincoln’s death at the hands of Pike was very emotionally taxing.

Jasper’s Death

Jasper didn’t die alone but rather with multiple people of Arcadia. They all took a powerful drug that would kill them before Praimfaya (Nuclear Apocalypse) hits that would wipe out humanity. Instead of going to the bunker, they choose to end their lives not that they would’ve been able to get into the bunker anyways as only 100 of each clan were allowed into the bunker. And their names were not on the list.

Monty and Harper Die of Old Age

While we don’t see the death of Monty and Harper, we get flashes of their lives as they wait for the earth to recover. Including learning that they had a son named Jordan named after Jasper, Harper died first from the same condition that took her father, and Monty died last after found a new planet to live on as Earth will never recover after the events of season 5.


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