The 100: Who Has the Highest Kill Count?

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The 100: Who Has the Highest Kill Count? 1
Credit: The CW

I love the CW show The 100, I still need to watch season six but I have seen all of the highlights of most of the episodes to know basically what happened. And it was amazing! I’ll actually watch it next week or the following, but in the meantime I thought I would go over the characters that have the highest body count during the time of the show. To see who really is the Commander of Death or Wanheda, as it’s not Clarke Griffin even though she bears the title. Now some of these counts are estimates as the actual number is not confirmed during the show, but are taken from estimates of other characters through their quotes.

Individuals whose actions are only mentioned but not shown are not included in this list. Such as Becca Franco who created A.L.I.E and resulted in the destruction of Earth are not counted as there is no way to tell how many individuals were killed in that. Also considering A.L.I.E then led to numerous more deaths with the City of Light. And her time as Bekka Pramheda, we don’t know how many exactly died before she was burned alive by the Second Dawn cult leader.

7. Charles Pike

Honestly, I debated not even mentioning him on this list as his count is so insignificant compared to the others. But his short time on the show resulted in the death of Lincoln, and the darkness spiral of Octavia that I just had to include him. Pike is responsible for around 318 deaths during his one season on The 100. These were mostly the 299 Triku Warriors sent to protect the Sky People at Commander Lexa’s request.

6. Marcus Kane

For someone who only wanted peace for most of the seasons, he has a pretty large body count of 691 (if you include himself in that count). The significant ones include the culling on the Ark of 320 individuals and culling of Sky People in the bunker with Jaha and Octavia (364).

5. Thelonious Jaha

The former chancellor oversaw the execution of many Ark citizens, this count is not completely made known. However, there are a few that can be contributed to Jaha which have been included in his body count. That number sitting around 800+ as a lot of Jaha’s kills aren’t tallied directly in the show. The highest being the first culling where 320 ark residents were killed, everyone who died as a result of being unable A.L.I.E.’s control, and 364 individuals by providing Octavia the list of the individuals who should be killed. Ultimately the list was created by Clarke, but he’s the one who decided and walked Octavia through who of the Sky People were to be culled as Clarke was not there for that decision (the only reason I’m not putting that count in her body count list).

4. Clarke Griffin

Known as Wanheda, the Commander of Death, however she doesn’t have the highest body count. Don’t get me wrong, Clarke had a lot of difficult decisions that led to many deaths. In total, Clarke is responsible for 924 deaths throughout the six seasons of The 100. Including 300 grounders burnt alive by the dropship, 250+ grounders and Ark Survivors in TonDC by allowing a bomb to be dropped onto the city without warning anyone, 350 individuals in Mount Weather by irradiation, 4 Eligius prisoners, 2 Children of Gabriel, 5 Primes, and 2 Sanctum Guards.

3. Bellamy Blake

Reponsible for around 1,015 deaths during the course of The 100. Some of them were not done alone as many were with others though he did help Clarke with irraditating Mount Weather which gave her the title of Wanheda. Some of Bellamy’s kills were actually indirect kills including the 320 individuals who died in the culling on the Ark by not allowing the delinquients to contact the Ark to let them know the ground was survivable. Other significant deaths at Bellamy’s hands include killing 299 Triku warriors with Pike, Hannah Green and 7 other Sky People.

2. Octavia Blake

Octavia has the biggest transformation in the entire show going from the Girl in the Floor boards to Skairipa (death from above) to Osleya (Champion) to Blodreina (Red Queen). In that time, she has been responsible for around 1,180 individuals. The significant kill counts coming from 364 Sky People during the second culling when she united the clans, and only 100 individuals from each clan could remain in the bunker. Followed by 386 individuals dying in the fighting pits during her six years of rule as Blodreina. And lastly around 400 individuals being killed by going into the gorge to take over the last living valley on Earth. This also resulted in the Earth being completely destroyed and sent all of the survivors off to find a new home.

1. Diana Sydney

Her time on the show was brief but resulted in the highest body count on The 100. In which 1,507 members of the Ark were killed in the Ark shutdown caused by the dropship launch that she led. She is also responsible for a bombing during Unity Day as part of her mutiny.

So truly, the Commander of Death is Diana Sydney if she was still alive. But she died in the Unity Day Mutiny, so the title then falls to Octavia Blake granted her significant kill counts come from after Clarke received the title of Wanheda. But still she is responsible for more deaths, and actually commanded individuals to fight to the death. Also, eat human meat or die… so you know… if I’m going with the title Wanheda I’d reassign it to Octavia Blake.

The 100: Who Has the Highest Kill Count? 2
Credit: The CW

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  1. TY
    March 15, 2020 / 3:55 PM

    What about Becca? She directly/indirectly blew up the entire planet

    • Mae Polzine
      March 15, 2020 / 3:58 PM

      Her count is way too high to count. You are right, there is a reason she’s Bekka Pramheda.

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