The 4 Things That Have Helped Grow My Blog

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A lot of times in the blogging community, you can write a killer post that you spent a lot of time working on only not to see anything come from it. No comments, no traffic, no nothing. It’s frustrating. So I’ve been trying new things since I started blogging and they have really helped to organically grow my blog.

1. Posting my Latest Blog Post to Multiple Locations

When I first started blogging, I didn’t post out of my blog posts to anywhere but Tumblr which doesn’t actually drive traffic to my blog. But now every blog post is sent to Bloglovin’, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr. I still post out to Tumblr though it doesn’t give me blog traffic as I still have a good size following there and want to push the blog posts out to the most people possible. I would love if you push out to Google+ as well with SquareSpace but you cannot.

2. Commenting on Other Blogs

Whenever I actually do this, I do find this helps bring traffic into my blog. I just really need to get better about doing it in general but I always forget to after I read a post. Sometimes it’s just because I can’t think of anything but “Love your post” but that’s not insightful so I end up avoiding it. But if you want traffic, to your blog commenting on other blogs that are similar really does help.

3. Increasing my Presence on Social Media

For a long time I only pushed out my blog posts to multiple locations but didn’t use the social media sites for anything else. But when I started actively used the social media accounts, I’ve found my traffic overall in all locations growing. Which in turn has brought more people to my blog.

4. Join Facebook Groups

These are great places to get more involved in the blogging community and connect with others who will genuinely read your blog. Plus some have little pods for comments, shares, likes, follow, etc. so these help get your blog out to their communities or grow in general. Two of my favorite pods are “Beauties on Fire” and “Beauty and Fashion Blog Squad“.

What are some things you do to help grow your blog?

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