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The 5 Things I Always Pack On Vacation


I’m planning on another vacation in October though I’m not going away for this one. But whenever I do go off on a journey, I tend to always bring along five items with me every time regardless of where I’m going. And this doesn’t include my wallet and cellphone, as those are just too obvious. And quite frankly boring since everyone always brings those along. So these are just things that I bring along with me that aren’t the basics.

  1. My Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera to take pictures of the places I’m going to.
  2. The current book I’m reading for when I get some down time. I end up reading the most when I’m on vacation and traveling so I typically end up bringing 1 to 3 books along with me depending on their length.
  3. A blank journal. I love to sketch and write down what happens on my travels so I typically bring along a journal that has no lines or grid to journal/sketch my adventures into.
  4. A backpack. I never travel anywhere near or far without a backpack of some sort. It’s easy to take on a plane and carries all the essentials with me whenever I’m going. Plus I hate putting things into my pockets so a small backpack does the trick perfectly.
  5. First Aid Kit. There is anything that I basically always need on me is a first aid kit. I can’t go a single day without injuring myself in some way from bruises to scratches to cuts and more. You will never find me heading somewhere without a first aid kit, because you never know when you’re seriously going to need it. Which in my case could be any minute.

What the the five things you always pack on vacation?


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