The Adorably Chaotic Postal Service Game: KeyWe

My friend, Joker, and I recently played through all of the challenges and story modes of the cute, co-op postal puzzle game called KeyWe. It was developed by Stonewheat & Sons (an indie developer) and published by Fireshine Games. You play two small kiwi birds (Debra and Jeff) that are attempting to work at a whimsical post office. Where you are bringing mail to Cassowarys and getting directions from an octopus, all while jumping, flapping, pecking, and butt-slamming to complete each of the levels.

You can either play this game solo where you hot-swap and dual-wield option in order to control both kiwis. Or you can play this game with a friend either locally or online. I can’t imagine playing this game solo as some of the levels were extremely challenging and we were lucky to get bronze some of the times. Though I suppose the more you play, the better you get at it since the levels are the same each time you attempt them. Though the order might be slightly different.

Within the main story of the game, there are three seasons in total: summer, autumn, and winter each with three four-day weeks to get through. While the levels stay consistent on what needs to be done, there are different challenges that come up like sprouting plants, pesky mayflies, coded messages, and holiday-themed versions for Halloween and Christmas. But you need to at least get the bronze level in order to proceed to the next level. And before every level, you are given the option to play the tutorial to tell you how to achieve those goals. Though you get more rewards for getting silver or gold.

What are those rewards?

Stamps! Which you can use to buy and customize your birds. There are five categories of items: facewear, hats, skins, backwear, and hairstyles. Though there are also arms and shoes; however, most of those are unlocked through DLC. There are also collectibles to find throughout the game. Some of them require that you complete mini-challenges inside a level to get the collectible while you still have to complete the current level. Like the glowing wishbone which required you to make a potion in the cauldron, all while preparing crates to be shipped. Besides getting the collectible for your display, you also unlock a skeleton skin for your little bird.

You can also earn more stamps through the mini-games or “overtime shift” levels. There are nine in total including snowball fight, bubble wrap popping, and coin collecting. There are other ones as well and depending on the challenge, you can get bonus stamps or challenge tokens that can be used in other areas of the game.

Overall, I thought this game was adorable and I had a blast playing it. Even if some levels were a little rage-inducing as we struggled to accomplish the goals or constantly were falling off the map. Plus, you can make this game a challenge by trying to beat your personal best scores and attempting to get all the collectibles and cosmetics. Many times we replayed levels multiple times as we knew we could get a better score. So, I never got bored repeating a level multiple times. Not all of the levels were my favorite and some mini-games were awkward to control. But overall, I would recommend this game if you’re looking for something to play with your friends.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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