The Apartment Diaries: My Plans for the New Place

For the almost two years, I have been living in a six foot by six foot room. That was supposed to be double that in length but was converted by the previous home owners into a massive closet. That’s pretty unusable when the entire room is taken up by your bed so you can’t get into the closets. The arrangement was supposed to be temporarily. Like a six month arrangement, then a lot happened between my ex-roommate and me that basically forced me to be late on bills and basically go bankrupt destroying my credit in the process. I had found a place to move to as well but it just didn’t make sense to move due to those reasons. So when the lease ran up at the old place I worked my hardest to rebuild that credit, get back on track with bills, and save money staying in what I like to refer to as the Harry Potter Closet at my mom’s house. Which took an additional year to accomplish but I did it. So I put in my application for the apartment I had wanted… and I got it!

My stuff has been in a storage unit since I left that previous place and I know I didn’t go through my belongings before I moved. I haven’t gone through my belongings since before college. Every move I’ve done since then have been rushed. When I came back from college, we moved not even a month or two later so I never unpacked and just took everything from my childhood room with me so I wouldn’t have to face my father again. Then I moved in with my friends with like a few weeks notice as one of them had to rush to move into another place (hindsight I never should’ve moved in with either of these friends). I took the room with the smallest closet and did cut down on the amount of clothes I had but I didn’t go through anything else. Then that roommate situation crumpled epically (I’m not going to go into it, I’m over it) and had a few days to pack up and get the hell out of dodge. Everything went into a storage unit and has been there ever since. So the first thing I’m going to do at the new place is actually comb through the belongings and get rid of stuff.

I’m moving in the second week of July, and I cannot wait. Pixie is not going to be joining me right away until I can get at least the bedroom set up. As if you are newer to my blog, my dog hates when anything is changed. She is anxious over almost everything. So I want to at least have the room set up enough where she has her little den to hide in if she gets overwhelmed as I unpack the rest of our belongings.

Plus one thing I really want to make sure of is this apartment does end up looking like a college person lives there. Nothing against college living, but I’ve been there and done then. I want it to look like a home from Pinterest or HGTV. I’ve been pinning like crazy over on my Pinterest under my Home & Garden board different things for inspiration on what I want to do with my own place. And currently all of my furniture that I have managed to get a hold of are various hand-me-down items from grandparents. Including two floral chairs that are going to be redone right away for three reasons:

  • One, they don’t go with the love seat with is a burnt orange color (which I might keep)
  • Two, I am not a floral person. Rustic and industrial are more my thing.
  • Three, they are both extremely different color patterns. One is black with rainbow flowers and the other is soft pastels.

So after tackling the chairs, the next project will be to find and redo furniture to fill out the rest of the space. I have an idea for a little reading nook somewhere in the apartment though I don’t know exactly where at the moment, but I don’t have bookshelves as mine broke during the two day rush move. So the books are currently going to be stacked on the ground somewhere… I have no idea where at the moment but you’ll probably have an update post with that as I go along this process. Another thing I’m going to set up is a filming/vanity area for my YouTube channel. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while that’s not my computer desk. I like sitting down to do makeup but haven’t had somewhere to do that in ages. So it’s something I’m going to make sure is somewhere in the apartment once I move in. I already have a desk for it and the storage. The only thing I don’t have is a mirror but I might just keep the same desk top one so I have more space to spread out the makeup while I do it.

I’m really excited about this so if my blog becomes filled with interior related content for the next few weeks while I’m setting everything up, that is why. I’m not going to share everything in relations to the apartment, but I do have a few things in mind.

Anyways that’s all I have for right now. More on the apartment once I move it and get the keys.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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