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The Apartment Diaries: Update From Move-In Day


It’s official, I’m in the new apartment! I have never lived on my own before, I’ve always had lived with roommates, lived in a sorority, or lived with my family. So this is a new adventure that I’m really excited about. Not just that I’m independent again (granted I was independent at my mom’s place, it just wasn’t mine).

On moving day, my sister ended up having the day off so that helped a lot with coordinating the movers. Granted I think she was more nervous through the whole thing than even Pixie. Who I would describe as nerves during almost any situation. And yes, I had movers. Almost everyone I talk to find this odd, which I don’t get why. Maybe because they have a bunch of friends that would help them with this sort of thing. I don’t. Almost all of my friends live in other states, so it’s not like they can just pop in to help. My mom had to work that day, but she did come over after the movers were gone to help me unpack.

I’ll have more posts on specific areas over the course of the next few weeks to months as I get things how I want them. As I’m still working on getting things in order. In the meantime, here are a few photos of the new apartment without all of the stuff and one I took during the moving process.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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