The Basics of Using Activated Charcoal in your Daily Beauty Regime

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Activated charcoal has long been known for its effect on health and used in the beauty industry to reap its benefits in keeping your skin radiant and your complexion smooth. While some swear by it, others cannot stand the thought of using it on a daily basis. But what are some potential concerns and the actual perks of using activated charcoal every day?

Although it’s been used for ages, there are still people who aren’t sure how to include it in their skincare routine or are unfamiliar with its impact on their health. Just like with many other beauty ingredients, this substance can be your double-edged sword, if you don’t know how to utilize it properly. Here are a few well-known ways this substance can influence your health and beauty inside and out.

Detox and Prevention

One of the oldest applications of activated charcoal is for helping your body flush out poisons and toxins that have been recently ingested. A small amount can absorb (collect to its surface) and rid your body of harmful substances quickly, but it also picks up some of your nutrients, so it’s always advisable to use it orally only when it’s really necessary.

Other potential benefits can be in preventing and treating bloating and painful abdominal gas, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, but research has shown varying results, as some people do show signs of relief, while others don’t experience any changes, so there’s still plenty to learn about its effects on our health. If you’ve been advised to use activated charcoal, make sure to stick to your prescribed amounts and keep track of the way your body reacts to it.

Skincare Benefits

When applied topically, as the key ingredient of a paste, soap or a facemask, activated charcoal can do wonders for clearing your skin of acne and other imperfections, and ease the symptoms of conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, due to its inherent purifying ability. Few products can give you the same effortless, natural and pure complexion as activated charcoal. This Toby and Rosy cleanser can make for an excellent addition to your routine. I’ve personally tried it and it’s really great.

Apparently, a healthy glow is easily achieved, by turning to Mother Nature’s simplest remedies. For example, Australians are known for their love of all things natural and organic, so using charcoal as your go-to cleansing tool will give you a chance to obtain that fresh look Aussie ladies are famous for.

Pearl White Teeth

It may seem strange that you can rely on a black substance to have a whitening effect, but a surprisingly small amount of it mixed in with your toothpaste can have tremendous effects over time. For those with sensitive teeth and gums on the other hand, it would be advisable to consult their dentist prior to usage.

Another option is visiting the experts at Australian Dental Specialists, who can suggest an alternative solution, such as internal bleaching. This is a safe way to have a pearl white smile and a set of impeccable teeth, which is another characteristic of nature-loving Australians, whose trademark accessory to any outfit is a bright, charismatic smile.

Beware of Overdosing

Just like with anything in life, taking too much activated charcoal or unreasonable prolonged oral usage can cause various health issues, ranging from constipation, negating the effect of your other prescribed drugs, to diarrhea, depending on the contents of your medication. As previously mentioned, it can also deprive your body of much needed nutrients you get from food, so it’s wise to consider an alternative dosage, to avoid any side-effects on your immune system and overall health.

Any form of over-application can have adverse effects, which includes your skincare products, especially for those with sensitive skin or teeth, so it’s always a good idea to use it in moderation and after consulting medical experts or your local pharmacist. Although you will most likely quickly recover if you stop using it as soon as you notice negative consequences, there’s no need to subject your skin and health to this risk by going overboard, believing that more means faster results.

The best way to reap the rewards of activated charcoal in your daily routine is to consult a professional, find products that contain natural ingredients and follow the given instructions carefully. As with many good things in life, the benefits of charcoal application will likely take time, so don’t lose hope, but stay true to keeping your skin beautiful and healthy!

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