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The Benefits of a Modern Workout


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The aesthetics of our physique aren’t a joke – looking good is a key to self-respect and life satisfaction. There is a reason why fit people look ‘good’ to us and it has a lot to do with the fact that a fit body is usually a healthy one. However, medical advancements have supplied us with rather invasive methods to carve our bodies into whatever we like. Surgical procedures are an expensive and unnatural way to get in ‘shape’ and what’s even more worrying is the fact that people are currently pursuing aesthetic procedures in record numbers – we’re slowly approaching the 14-billion-dollar mark!

Fortunately, much more natural and better ways to lose weight still exist and with this in mind, we present you with some of the latest fitness trends.

Body weight training

Although the gym definitely should not be completely disregarded, it does come with its own set of flaws. For one, it’s a closed space with a large number of people working out – not everybody’s idea of a relaxing workout. This is just one of the reasons a lot of people are turning to bodyweight exercises. In addition to being perfectly suitable for home, body weight exercises are easy to learn and can be adjusted to just about anybody’s level.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been a hit (no pun intended) fitness trend for some time now, and there’s a simple reason for this – it is extremely efficient at helping you shed weight and build muscles while taking up only a small portion of your daily schedule. Based on quick bursts of high-intensity exercise interrupted only by short rest periods, the HIIT has become a part of many other popular fitness trends out there, from body weight training in general to the famous CrossFit and boot camp classes, and no wonder! Who wouldn’t like spending no more than 30 minutes a day on exercises that are proven to be efficient?

Bicycle of tomorrow

Biking is a fantastic way to lose weight – a highly effective cardio workout that engages the biggest muscles in your body – your buttocks and your thighs. Engaging these leads to an increased blood flow and oxygenation, which equals weight loss (in addition to many other benefits).

On the flip side of things, biking is just plain fun, and it is a perfect opportunity to explore nature be it on the edges of your town or on a mountain adventure trip.

While it may seem easy, riding a bicycle for longer time periods can turn into quite a challenge; add some steep climbs and dirt roads to the equation and you’re in for quite a challenge. This is what the innovative Bosch e bike excels at – its electric motor makes overcoming steeps easier and crossing distances faster.


Regardless of what type of training you opt for, the wearable technology is likely going to prove not only useful, but essential. You want a comfy stopwatch? The wearables have it. Measuring the distance via Google Maps before a jogging session gives you too much trouble? The wearable technology has got it covered! Interested in knowing your pre-, during and post-workout heart readings? Yep, the wearables will tell you. The future of all workouts is right here!

Whether you enjoy working out in the confines of your home or surrounded by fresh air, there is a modern fitness trend for you. Some people enjoy long, rewarding workouts, while others want something efficient they can cram into their busy schedules; in any case, we hope that you’ll find your perfect fitness trend on this list.

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