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The Immortal Letters: Betty and Theodore Blood

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Theo and Betty Blood

The youngest members of the Blood family are Theodore and Betty Blood. These twins are quite the mischievous duo. They focus more on their friend groups then they do with school work. Often inviting all of their mansion to hang out and play games.

Theodore is also the only son of Payton and Marlee Blood, so as he has been growing up Payton has shown him the most attention and wants him to follow in his footsteps running the businesses. He is quite the lady’s man and doesn’t want to follow his father’s footsteps since he knows his father still runs the mafia though he pretends to have gone into business. Also Theodore is the creative type and just wants to held Marlee in the gallery.

Betty in comparison is hot headed like her father and can be a spoiled brat at time. She dreams of ruling the town and vampires. The term royal is something she sees herself as even though she isn’t a member of the royal family. So going after one of the royal children’s hearts is not something she’s opposed to even if they are younger than her. She is the leader of her friend group and refuses to share the spotlight with her brother even though he started the club in the first place. However, she doesn’t steal the crown from him as it’s known that while he might be listed as the leader, she truly is the leader.


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