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The Immortal Letters: Candice Rankin Akers

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Candice Rankin is the oldest child of Jasper Rankin and Zoe Patel. And was born out of wedlock though they married prior to her arrival. She was initially raised by her parents in a small apartment in San Msyhuno until they moved to Newcrest after Celeste Blood purchased them a new home across the street from everyone. Candice is extremely close to her father and moved in with him when he left her mother along with her younger sister and half-siblings.

She bonded with Celeste after her step-mother got her a cat named Monka, who she adores and took with her when she moved out with her cousin Sara Blood.¬†Prior to moving out of her step-mother’s house, she asked Celeste to change her into a vampire so she would fit in more with her family since everyone else is a vampire including her father at this point. Though she did debate over it for a while before asking her considering her mother was a vampire hunter… before her death at the hands of Evangeline Blood.

Candice after graduating high school started working at a vet clinic in downtown Newcrest, which is owed by Sara Blood. Their childhood friend and wife of her half-brother Lila Bowden works at the clinic as well. Though she knew she wouldn’t always be rooming with her cousin, she did appreciate that Sara took her under her wing and got a makeover from her as well. When Sara started dating Freya Mikaelson and had her move in, Candice moved out to an apartment in San Msyhuno. She also bought a vet clinic in the spice district and ended up marrying a guy she met named Alec Akers. Together they have a son named Robert Akers.

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