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The Immortal Letters: Celeste Blood Rankin

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Celeste Blood Rankin was adopted at a young age after growing up in the foster care system, so when she was turned into a vampire by her adoptive brother, Payton, she took to the manipulation abilities to crave out a life of her own. Including having a big family that cares for her unlike the family she had come from. Going as far as getting pregnant from Jasper Rankin and Vlad Bloodvein… eventually ending up marrying Jasper Rankin after compelling him to leave his previous wife, Zoe Patel.

Celeste Blood Rankin

Due to her upbringing, she was very close with Payton and joined the mafia with him. And she eventually became a hacker, gaining the large amount of her wealth from that. Though Payton has changed careers but still is the technical leader of the mafia, Celeste has stayed in her hacking career and hates that he left her alone there. Though his ex-lover Courtney Turner is still there with her who is a good friend of hers. Celeste doesn’t spend a lot of her wealth other than getting a house for her family and Jasper a small restaurant near his twin sister’s art gallery in downtown Newcrest.

Over the years, Celeste has soften up her clothing from all black to more pastels. Though also on the more chic or sophisticated fashion style. Currently she’s in the process of growing out some blunt bangs that she had and keeps her hair up in a high ponytail.

She lived with her brother, Payton, for many years in a mansion until Marlee arrived into their lives after a wishing well spell. Celeste originally used it to her advantage so she wouldn’t have to go out hunting for blood and used her as a blood bag. And just to get out her overall frustrations towards work and life. Then Marlee became pregnant so Celeste left her alone and turned her attention towards Jasper. She controlled and wiped his mind in order to get pregnant the first time. But later fell in love with him and hated that he was in a relationship with another woman. And caused Jasper to leave Zoe Patel after she had become pregnant with Vlad Bloodvein’s child, Tristan. Jasper married Celeste at a romance festival and they merged their families. Several times rebuilding their home into bigger places to hold them all.

Celeste though very manipulative is extremely protective over her children and image. Her biological children being: Enzo and Colten who she had with Jasper Rankin, and Tristan who she had with Vlad Bloodvein. She also cares deeply for her step-children, Candice and Gretchen. Even so far as getting Candice a cat named Monka to bond with her more. And getting Tristan a hedgehog named Ozzy.

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