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The Immortal Letters: Enzo Rankin

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Enzo Rankin

Enzo Rankin is the oldest child of Jasper Rankin and Celeste Blood Rankin, born out of wedlock when Jasper was still married to Zoe Patel. And soon after his birth, Jasper separated from Zoe to moved into their house with his half-siblings. Enzo was born human but always wanted to be a vampire like his parents, so when he reached the end of his high school years his mother changed him into a vampire.

Enzo growing up was very close to all of his siblings. Mainly his half-sister named Candice who was a few days older than he was. At one point, they used to share a room until his second half-sister, Gretchen, was born then he moved into a hidden room of his own. Later, Jasper and Celeste got married after Celeste gave birth to a half-brother with one of the royal vampires (Vlad Bloodvein). Enzo treated Tristan like any of his other half-siblings but always was slightly jealous as he was born a vampire. During the last year of his high school, he got another brother named Colten who wasn’t a half-sibling for once. Not that it changed anything between their hodge podge family.

He moved out with his childhood best friend and girlfriend, Lila Bowden, and they got married soon there after. She works for his cousin, Sara Blood, at the vet clinic. While Enzo is an inspiring author, currently living off his inheritance across the street from his in-laws with his wife and daughter named Laura.

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