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The Immortal Letters: Evangeline and Sara Blood

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This is something that I’ve been debating on doing for a while, but just never got into. I love vampires, they are probably my favorite supernatural being, so that’s probably why recording the series The Immortal Twins over on my gaming YouTube channel is my favorite. But I have done time jumps, or don’t go super in depth on each character as much as I would love to. So I am going to be doing a series on here that goes more in depth on everyone. And will be more of a creative writing style post. In the future, I’m only going to release episodes of the series on Sunday to pair with these letters.

Evangeline and Sara Blood.jpgOne of the set of Twins in the Immortal Twins series are Evangeline and Sara Blood. They are the children of Payton Blood and Marlee Rankin Blood. They were born as vampires after their parents fell in love after a spell from a wishing well. The reason I wanted to start out with this set of twins is because most of their life was spent and developed off screen as I took a break in playing The Immortal Twins series on my channel, but played it on my own.

Evangeline Blood FamilyEvangeline Blood was the first born of the twins and takes after her father Payton, who is a bit mean spirited. Evangeline has always been a bit of a wild child and loves the darkness. She was popular at school and never was one to focus on her schoolwork. A lot of the boys at school were in love with her, but she had eyes for an older man. For when she was a teenager, she fell in love with the family’s butler Clark Howell. They were together for years trying to hide their relationship from Payton and Marlee. Until one day Evangeline became pregnant, then Clark was fired and moved to a bachelor pad down the street. Evangeline moved out to be with Clark and they got engaged/quickly married before Evangeline started to show. After their wedding, Payton turned Clark into a vampire. Evangeline became a grand master vampire and has the ability to drain the life of other sims. She needed up killing Zoe Patel Rankin after she killed several members of the Royal family. On their honeymoon, Evangeline and Clark got matching Phoenix tattoos. Evangeline also got a feather tattoo on her back. She gave birth to a little boy named Malachai, Kai for short. Payton and Marlee gave them a new mansion in the old location where Zoe Patel Rankin lived.

Sara on the other day is more compassionate like her mother, Marlee. But she isn’t as artistic, though she does like to dapple in painting ever since she was a little girl. Sara is the leader of the IT club but has almost no emotions due to her vampirism. So she is in a constant state of “fine”. Many guy have tried to woo her but due to her curse she doesn’t feel any emotion back towards them. Sara grew up watching lots of Disney movies and has multiple dogs named after Disney characters. Including Belle a pit bull and Adam (named after the Beast) a Rottweiler. She plans on breeding them in the future to change the world’s opinion on “aggressive” breeds. Marlee purchased a vet clinic for Sara to own/run when she got older. She is very close with her cousin Candice Rankin, who has agreed to help for out at the vet clinic when they graduate from high school.

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Mae Polzine

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