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The Immortal Letters: Gretchen and Tristan Rankin

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Tristan and Gretchen Rankin.jpgNow while these two are not twins, they were born relatively very close to each other. These two are step-siblings. Gretchen is the daughter of Jasper Rankin and Zoe Patel. While Tristan is the son of Celeste Blood and Vlad Bloodvein, making him royalty. Both of them grew up without one of their parents in their lives which has made them bond more so than with their older siblings. Tristan’s father was killed by Gretchen’s mother. And Gretchen’s mother was killed by Evangeline Blood shortly there after.

Gretchen Rankin.jpgGretchen tends to keep to herself and spends a lot of time in her bedroom playing with her many toys. She originally had longer hair but has recently cut it shorter. Gretchen is nearing the end of her elementary school years and will be having a birthday coming up soon. While she is in her cousin’s club, she doesn’t socialize with everyone and is a little bit of a wallflower. Especially because she feels like everyone blames her for what her mother did to the royal vampires.

Tristan Bloodvein Rankin.jpgTristan though he is royalty doesn’t like to be treated like one since he never knew his father. Especially considering for the first few years, Celeste pretended to Jasper that Tristan was his. Until it came out that Tristan was royalty during one of their visits over to the Royal household. Similar to Gretchen, he is a bit of a wallflower and prefers to play with Void Critters or his hedgehog, Ozzy. Though Tristan likes to keep to himself, he does like playing pranks and getting into a bit of mischief. And has gotten in trouble several times at school for pulling such pranks.

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