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The Immortal Letters: Marlee Rankin Blood

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Marlee Rankin Blood has a twin brother named Jasper Rankin, who she was extremely close to growing up but grew more distant from him after their parents died. She devoted herself in painting and for a long time was the primary money maker of the two when they lived in a small apartment. While they were struggling, Jasper knocked up his one night stand then asked her to move in. This made Marlee more resentful of her brother and during his wedding made a wish upon a wishing well, which took her to another city where she met/instantly fell in love with Payton Blood.

Marlee Rankin Blood

Marlee left her brother and moved in with Payton, but he was not single at the time. He was dating another named Courtney Turner and also lived with his adopted sister Celeste. Payton for a time turned away from his mean spirited ways and focused a lot on his new relationship with Marlee. He kicked Courtney out of the house and proposed to Marlee, who accepted without question as she didn’t see his darker side. However, at the time Payton’s sister Celeste would abuse Marlee then use her as a personal blood bag. As the Bloods were vampires.

Marlee became pregnant with twins and Celeste gave up on using her, instead she tricked Jasper into being her new play toy. Later, Marlee gave birth to Evangeline and Sara Blood. Payton overjoyed by the birth of the twins, kicked Celeste out of the house not wanting her influence on the twins. Payton also transformed their estate into a mansion that looks like a darker version of Glensheen (a mansion located in Duluth, Minnesota) and called it Bloodsheen. He also purchased a gallery for Marlee so she could sell her paintings. After moving into Bloodsheen, Marlee and Payton got married then became pregnant with another set of twins: Betty and Theodore Blood.

After the wedding, Payton turned Marlee into a vampire and trained her in the ways of vampirism so she is immune to the sunlight. And she loves traveling around the city, often you’ll see her at the park or hanging out around town if we’re not in that household during the Let’s Play.

Marlee spends most of time at her home studio or at the art gallery which has been renovated and upgraded several times. For a time, she only worked at the gallery but after the first set of twins grew up she went back to work in the painting career. And visits her personal gallery whenever she is off of work. Since she is out of the house a lot with her gallery/work, she does not notice or see any of Payton’s criminal or mafia activity. So she only sees him in the good light though she knows he was once a mafia boss but thought he left that life behind when they moved to Bloodsheen though he did not.

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