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The Immortal Letters: Payton Blood

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Payton Blood

Payton Blood is the head of the mafia though he covers that with working in the business career to make his wife, Marlee, believe that he has changed for the better. But he still does illegal business when Marlee is not around, and is good friends with the Mikaelson family that lives in Forgotten Hollow.

Payton grew up in a massive mansion with his adopted sister, Celeste. He was very close to Celeste growing up and they would plot twisted schemes against their parents that ultimately caused their death leading them to inherit everything. Payton met a women named Courtney Turner then turned her into a vampire and had a long relationship with her until one day Marlee Rankin showed up at his door. Due to a wishing well, he left Courtney behind and fell in love with Marlee. To the point where they moved in together at his mansion and had twins: Evangeline and Sara.

Payton eventually kicked out Courtney and Celeste then redid their mansion to be inspired by a mansion from Duluth, MN called Glensheen. But of course, they made it darker and more updated calling it Bloodsheen. Later they were married in their backyard and Payton turned Marlee into a vampire. Years later they gave birth to another set of twins: Betty and Theodore. Payton would love for Theodore to take after him to run the mafia and business, but he would rather paint like his mother. So Payton wanted to have more children with Marlee, who at the time was always gone at the her gallery or visiting friends. So Payton started to train their son-in-law, Clark Howell, to take over the business since none of his children wanted to do that.

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