The Lessons The Women in My Life Taught Me

I have always been close to my family and they have taught me so much in life especially my mom who was basically a single parent, my grandma, my sister, my cousins and my aunts. I’ve also learned a lot from several female teachers who helped encourage me along the way. So I wanted to share some of the things that I learned from them that I still listen to today.

Be Nice to Everyone You Meet

Sometimes you don’t want to be nice to everyone around you, some people just get under your skin for no reason at all. My sister as much as she drives me insane, she is genuinely nice to everyone. She has a heart of pure gold and always gives the benefit of the doubt. She’ll help out everyone that needs assistance without looking for anything in return. And it’s something I inspire to be more like.

In Life You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Work For

This is a lesson I learned from my mom. Life isn’t fair but you’re also not going to have things just happen for you unless you put yourself out there and work for it. You can’t just expect everything to fall in your lap, if you don’t put a little effort into it. And most of my cousins are examples of this, they work really hard to reach their goals and don’t just let life pass them by.

You Need to Have a Life Outside of Work to Stay Sane

After getting out of college, I was a bit of a workaholic. I focused solely on work and putting all my focus into work. And let every hobby and interest slip away into the void. But it ate away at me, I became burnt out. My mom forced me to take my eyes away from work and get back into doing things that I enjoyed such as painting and writing. Since then, it has really helped me be more focused at work without become burnt out. Because I’m taking time out for myself, when I’m not at work. So make sure you have a life outside of work like a hobby, friends, or family.

You Can’t Make a Rainbow Without Some Rain

My grandma taught me this one. She always told me that storms in your life will only bring rainbows in the end, but you have to make it through the storm first. It’s there to teach you a lesson and you only see storms when you’re heading in the right direction in life. And once you get through that storm or obstacle you will be rewarded endlessly. And she’s right. Nothing rewarding ever comes without some struggle to begin with. Whether that’s learning a new skill or taking a risk in life to get towards your dreams. The struggle makes the ending all the better.

Family is Forever

The one thing in life you can’t get rid of is family. You can distance yourself but they’ll always be there. I have on aunt that drives me insane. Hell, she drives most of the family insane. She puts family before anything granted half the time that’s limited to just her immediate family and not the extended family, but in a way she’s right. Family will be there for you through thick and thin, but they might make some comments you don’t always agree with. They have seen me go from tomboy to emo to who I am today and still stick around. Very, very few friends could say that.

What are some lessons women in your life have taught you?


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