The Pop Culture Download #14: American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Fallen, and Ghosts of the Shadow Market

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It’s been two weeks since I posted one of these, and honestly with work I haven’t had much time for shows, movies, and games but I did manage to watch the entire eighth season of American Horror Story as well as watch a movie called Fallen. Plus, there are a few other random items here and there so let’s jump into my thoughts on these items.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Credit: FX

The eighth season of American Horror Story focuses around the apocalypse with the Anti-Christ, Michael Langdon, who was born in the final of the first season (Murder House) and his battle against the witches from season three (Coven). As well as a trip to the Hotel Cortez from season five, where Queenie gets rescued by Michael Langdon in his quest to become the supreme so that he can destroy the world. The season flips back and forth between events prior to the apocalypse and the events after. With the first three episodes and the final mainly taking place after, while the rest are the events leading up to the apocalypse. We are also introduced to two characters who’s genes are preferred but are killed off. In the final episodes, it reveals that after the universe is altered by the death of Michael Langdon before he can start the apocalypse then the offspring of those two becomes the anti-Christ. Basically there is no avoiding the apocalypse as the universe and all they ended up doing was delaying the event by a few years. Good job witches.


I did really enjoy getting to see a bunch of my favorite characters from Coven and Murder House again. Including Tate Langdon and Violet finally forgiving each other, though it’s unclear after the universe is altered where they stand. Queenie was freed from the Hotel Cortez by Mallory (the new supreme). Madison while freed from the prison world initially afterwards she is left there for a while by Mallory, while Misty Day is rescued from her personal hell from the help of Nan. Overall, I loved the season it was much better than the previous two: Roanoke and Cult. I have not started watching the ninth season so please don’t spoil it, I’m waiting until it completes so I can binge it all at once.

Credit: Star2

This was a bizarre movie to say the least. I think if I had read the books it would’ve made more sense. Which if there is anything to come out of watching this movie, I think I found the next book series I’m going to read that’s not part of the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. So, anyone thinking I need to move on, I think I figured out what I’m going to go to next from discovering this movie. From what I understood in the movie, the main character Luce is a reincarnation of a girl that dies every 17 years when she finds her soulmate a fallen angel named Daniel. More specifically when she kisses him. Apparently, he’s the only angel of the fallen who has not picked a side between heaven and hell and until then she’ll keep dying. Or something to that effect.

The movie didn’t do the best job at explaining anything and their relationship seemed rushed at the end. If anything I would’ve thought she’d pick Cam as that seemed to be the only relationship that developed or was explored until the very end. It was suddenly, “Oh I remember you, I love you” when it came to Daniel. Then something, something, fight scene, the librarian tries to kill Luce and she’s not actually crazy, the end. Oh and Lucifer is going to try to kill her because she wasn’t baptized so if she dies, she’s gone for good. And the cycle is over, which I think is why she could kiss Daniel this time without dying. Literally no idea. But it intrigued me enough that I want to read the book series now to learn what the hell was going on.

From a character perspective in the movie it was sort of as if Clary Fairchild fell into Twilight then found another Jace Herondale (Daniel) who draws instead of plays music, and also there’s now a love triangle involving Cam. I mean Clary sort of had one with Simon Lewis, but Simon and Cam aren’t similar enough for me to say they are the same. And the Twilight aspect is more due to the love centered plot as compared to the search for the Mortal Instruments. Have you read the books or seen the movie? What did you think of either?

Ghosts of the Shadow Market

I started reading the collection of short stories called Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare, which follow various characters in the Shadowhunter Chronicles though mostly revolve around Jem Carstairs after he becomes a Silent Brother. Unlike Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, I haven’t had a hard time getting into these ones though I have not finished them all yet. The first one was around Matthew Fairchild, who is Charlotte and Henry’s second son, and the parabatai of James Herondale. He was struggling to deal with a false rumor started by Alastair Carstairs that he was actually Gideon Lightwood’s son so he spiked Charlotte’s scone with what he thought was a truth potion, which the rumor is completely untrue and the potion wasn’t what he thought it was thus resulting in a miscarriage of his unborn younger sister. Matthew decides he doesn’t deserve forgiveness so he tells no one of what he does other than Jem. He’s set to appear in Chain of Gold which follows that generation after they got kicked out of the Shadowhunter Academy.

I also read part of the story that involves Jace of Thule struggling to figure out what to do in regards to the very alive Clary Fairchild that is with Jace of this world. I haven’t read the entire thing but the parts I have read were interesting. Anyways, that’s all I had time to read. I’ll probably have more on the other tales in later Pop Culture Downloads.


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