The Pop Culture Download #15: The Fallen Series

Last week, I saw the movie adaption for Fallen and I was confused as hell, yet intrigued. Also honestly I have only been reading books from the Shadowhunters Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices, and The Infernal Devices) for the last several months, so it was time for something different. I picked up all six books from The Fallen Series and so far have only read the main four books: Fallen, Torment, Passion, and Rapture. Instead of doing a review of each book in the series, I’m just going to share my thoughts overall on the series.

For starters, the movie makes so much more sense if you’ve read the books. And though it was made several years ago, I wish they had made more movies. As I would love to see how they handled Passion and Rapture. Mainly Passion as I think that was my favorite of the books since it flips back and forth between Daniel’s and Luce’s POV. Versus all the others are just from Luce’s POV with the exception of Prologues and Epilogues which are mostly from Daniel’s POV. There are so many books that they try to make into movies, that are just better off as TV shows as they have too much backstory to make sense in a movie. This series is one of those, granted most of the backstory isn’t explored until the third book. Though they tried to explore that a bit in the first movie by showing her having flashbacks to their past rather than just having Daniel mention it during one of their interactions. One of the ways they also did this in the movie was show the gargoyle Bill (Lucifer in disguise) way before he shows up in the book. It’s more just flashes of him after something major happens, if you haven’t read the books it makes no sense why they keep panning back to the gargoyle during the movie.

I have to say the relationship between Daniel and Luce flows better in the books than it does in the movie. It’s not as rushed and there were moments that actually show them getting closer. It also shows that while Luce did take to Cam, it wasn’t in the same way. She was curious about him but otherwise wasn’t the biggest fan of him. As he was way more pushy in comparison to in the movie. He seemed like a nice guy but turned into a jerk. Or rather he just rubbed off on Luce in the worst way as time went on in Fallen. Mainly since he kept getting into fights and didn’t listen to what Luce wanted or in general. Whereas, Daniel listened and knew her favorite things… granted he did learn about all those things over her 400+ lives that carried to her latest life.

Luce drives me nuts in the second book. It’s not her fault but she just acts like such a brat in Torment. She’s all: “How dare Daniel send me to a nice school to protect my life? Where I’m not in 24/7 lock down and can have freedom within the school’s boundary”, “How dare I have to stay on campus when people are literally trying to murder me if I leave? Which I was warned about multiple times”, or “You don’t tell me anything when you’re literally busy/gone trying to save my life so I’m just going to run away into the past.” Then she starts to settle down during the course of Passion though she’s such a love struck teenager in that one. I totally agree with Lucifer on that one when he says:

I’ve taken you on a tour of your past – shown you the futility of this existence, hoping to awaken you to the truth, and all I get from you is ‘Daniel! I want Daniel!’

Lucifer, Passion by Lauren Kate

I mean it’s sweet that they keep choosing each other over and over again. It’s kind of more surprising that Daniel doesn’t give up completely on Lucinda. Granted during his journey in Passion he keeps reminding his past selves that there is hope so he doesn’t give up on her. But seriously 400+ times of watching the love of your life die, I’d flip them off too when I met the reincarnation of them again. Luce at least always goes into it with a clear memory of Daniel, he doesn’t. He has to wait 17 years for her to find him again as part of their shared punishment for choosing each other over God (the Throne as they call it in the book) and Lucifer. That’s as much as I’m going to comment on Rapture and how the story plays out in case you wanted to read the series yourself.

There are still two other books in the series. A collection of mini stories called Fallen in Love and a book that focuses on Cam called Unforgiven. I have yet to read these but will have them probably done by my next installment of The Pop Culture Download.

But overall, I loved the series. The ending was super cute as well not that I’m going to say what it is in case you haven’t read the series and wanted to. I know I hate spoilers… granted I got the series spoiled for me years ago by my college best friend then completely forgot all about it. Including that it was even a thing, though maybe somehow that’s how I ended up stumbling upon it on YouTube. Still don’t remember how I rediscovered it so to speak, maybe it was in my recommendations… who knows? Anyways, that best friend at one point told me the entire series plot during a sleepover. As I was reading it, I kept thinking of the discoveries from Rapture and going how do I know that? Then somewhere in the second book, Torment, I figured out how I knew the ending and texted her. We had a good laugh over it.


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Mae Polzine

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