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The Pop Culture Download #18: Christmas in the Smokies & Frozen II


With the Thanksgiving holiday, I ended up spending time with my family and one of the things we do for traditions is watch movies. We ended up watching two different ones. The first being Christmas in the Smokies on Netflix and the second being Frozen II. I’m not going to share the plot or discuss either in great detail in case you haven’t seen them yet and want to.

Christmas in the Smokies

Credit: INSP

My mom and I love to make fun of the classic Hallmark movie, because they are so damn predictable. I don’t think this one was originally released on there but it might as well have been. It had just about all the typical tropes:

  • The first male and female shown will end up together, extra points if they dislike each other in the beginning (check and check).
  • One of the main characters may lose the farm (check).
  • A Christmas tree lot is shown (check).
  • Someone that’s used to the big city has to go to a small town (check).
  • A character has a tight deadline (check).

Ok… technically that’s part of a drinking game but hey it all happened in Christmas in the Smokies. Don’t get me wrong it was a good movie and had some good moments in it.

Frozen II

Credit: Disney

OMG this movie was incredible. I loved the animation and music. The story I’m not sure if a child under five would be able to follow, plus it was a bit darker. That being said, I still really enjoyed it. There wasn’t a stand out song like “Let it Go” but I have to say I will have “Into the Unknown“, “Show Yourself“, and “The Next Right Thing” in my head for days to come. Not giving out any spoilers, but I really liked how they ended things and it gave a good closure to the Frozen story including why Elsa had her powers and what really happened with their parents.

Song Discoveries

There haven’t been a lot of discoveries this week when it comes to music but I do have a few to share:


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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