The Pop Culture Download #21: Pokemon Sword, Little Women, and Lady & the Tramp

This last week has been packed with various things, as I finally stopped playing old games that I’ve previously beat and watched two movies. I know a shock to me too. I was getting in a runt there for a little bit and not exploring anything new.

Pokemon Sword

For starters, I beat Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee or at least all of the main gyms (I still have the elite four left) but decided instead to jump over to Pokemon Sword. As I was looking forward to it and told myself I wasn’t allowed to get that game until I beat the gyms and main game of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. Right now I have beaten the first three gyms and am in the middle of Minccino shiny hunting on Route 5. I was going to Shiny Eevee hunt but they are insanely hard to find on Route 4. I have only found one and managed to get a second due to the fact that I played Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and the game rewarded me for that. And that gifted one like the game I just left will not let me evolve it, so I’m half tempted to use it with the one I caught to do my Eeveelution team that I love doing in every Pokemon game possible. I love my Eevee clan and catching it doesn’t seem like an option based off who shows up for me.

Little Women

Credit: Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures

Not going to spoil the movie in any way, but I really enjoyed Little Women. And I’m not afraid to admit it that I cried watching the movie multiple times for different reasons. The costumes were fantastic, I loved how it followed each of the girls lives showing that not everything is a fantasy where life goes smoothly, and it has some excellent quotes. I’m a sucker for good quotes. I didn’t read the book though now I’m debating on picking it up, so I was a little surprised by who each of the girls ended up with and how things ended. I would recommend this movie.

Lady and the Tramp

Credit: Disney

Now I love a classic Disney movie and some of the live action remakes have been great. This one on the other hand… not so much. The CGI talking dogs looks bad, no idea how they got that so wrong compared to Jungle Book which did it great. It followed the original cartoon very well with a few minor changes here and there like changing the Siamese Cat song, which was for the best, but that doesn’t “save” the movie in my book as it was very hard to look past the CGI. But some movies are just left better off alone as cartoons and not made into live action. This movie being one of them.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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