The Sims 4: Build Challenges

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Recently, I did a few build challenges within the Sims 4 over on my gaming channel. I didn’t do voice overs for most of these as my family was doing laundry or the dogs were rough housing while I was editing the footage for these. All of these I got the idea from Deligracy or The Sim Supply, but I don’t think they were the originator of these challenges. But I could honestly be incorrect.

The Black and White Challenge

In this challenge, you change the properties of your display to be grey-scaled then you go into Sims and create a home. Since everything is in greyscale you might think the house looks one way, when in reality it looks completely different. In mind somehow everything were combinations of blue, purple, and yellow. In some of the rooms, I think it sort of works but in reality it doesn’t.

The Solid Color Build Challenge

In this challenge, you are only allowed to use one color. I chose the color red as it’s one of my favorite colors. And thought it would be a major challenge. Each item is apparently supposed to be 60% of that color and I think a few of these weren’t exactly 60% but I learned that afterwards. Still I liked the way the house turned out overall, but I would maybe mix up the colors a bit if I were to actually play with the house.

No Mistakes Build Challenge

In this challenge, once you place an item that that’s it. For the initial structure you could place the block, then adjust the scale or pitch once. Once you’ve let go of the item, then that’s it. I messed up once and scaled it a second time but reverted back as soon as I realized I did that.

What build challenges are your favorite or you would love to see in the future?

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