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The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack Review


A few weeks ago The Sims 4 came out with a new expansion pack called Cats & Dogs. Which is something that I have wanted in the worst way since The Sims 4 came out years ago. And I have been playing it a lot. I actually have a 5 star vet clinic in my personal game and have recreated my dogs as well. To say I’m beyond excited is an understatement. I’m over the moon that there are pets in the sims again. I love seeing the animals around all the neighborhood as it makes everything seem so much more realistic. Now all we need is seasons, and in my opinion the sims is complete. Though that doesn’t mean I won’t get and use every other pack that comes out.

Unlike pets in The Sims 3, you can only have dogs and cats but hundreds of choices of each (including dingos, foxes, and raccoons which are neither dogs nor cats). Another difference, you can’t control them. You can’t check on their needs, but you can interact with them. Though it seems slightly annoying like toddlers with multiple pets at a time, you have to train them in basically everything. From going to the bathroom outside to being well mannered. They have fears and obsessions with random things. From the refrigerator to the toilet. Each pet has something they love and something they are scared of. You can also neuter and spay pets just like in real life either by taking them to the vet or getting a surgery station for your sim’s home.

I wish you could control the pets but I get way they didn’t make this an option. It forces you to train them and check in on them to make sure their needs are being met. I believe there is a mod out there to allow for playable pets, but I have not tried this so I don’t know what it’s like. Though I do use some custom content for Create-a-Sim I don’t use anything that changes gameplay.

Like your sims, you can give your pet three distinct traits. These traits vary between dogs and cats. Here are the traits for each according to Create-a-Sim:

Cat Traits

  • Affectionate – These cats really love their owners. They’ll try to stick close to them whenever possible.
  • Aloof – These cats don’t really need owners, they’re just here for the free food.
  • Clever – These cats are fast learners, and some say that they can even understand Simlish when spoken to!
  • Curious – These cats are more curious about their surroundings. They like to search different objects around the house.
  • Fluffy – These cats are more fluffy than normal. They’ll hack up hairballs more often.
  • Free Spirit – These cats enjoy wondering around the world, almost as if they were wild animals. But don’t worry, they’ll always come home for the food.
  • Friendly – These pets tend to be friendly to other Sims, and will happily greet other Sims around them.
  • Frisky – These cats are more active than other cats. They really like to pounce and run around.
  • Glutton – These pets will eat significantly more often, and much more messily.
  • Lazy – These cats really enjoy their catnaps. They also are less likely to jump from place to place since it takes too much effort.
  • Mischievous – These cats are always up to no good. They will often misbehave, and can even be encouraged to do so.
  • Playful – These pets love toys and want to play all the time, even when they’re not excited.
  • Prowler – These cats enjoy prowling around the neighborhood. Send them out and they might come back with something they found.
  • Skittish – These cats are scared of everything. Okay, well, almost everything. They also like to hide a lot.
  • Spoiled – These cats are spoiled creatures. Scolding them hardly ever changes their behavior.
  • Talkative – These cats do love to yowl along with other sims. They’ll even try to sing upon request.
  • Territorial – These cats are fairly protective of their territory. They will be aggressive to anyone new they meet.

Dog Traits

  • Active – These dogs are very energetic. They really like running and enjoy frequent walks. (Conflicts with Couch Potato)
  • Adventurous – These dogs will sometimes leave the house to go on solo adventures, but are also happy to go on an adventure with their owner.
  • Aggressive – These dogs will be more hostile when greeting others, and might attack others unless properly trained. (Conflicts with Friendly)
  • Couch Potato – These dogs are low-energy creatures that like to relax and unwind with their owners, rather than run around. (Conflicts with Active)
  • Friendly – These pets tend to be friendly to other Sims, and will happily greet other Sims around them. (Conflicts with Aggressive)
  • Glutton – These pets will eat significantly more often, and much more messily!
  • Hairy – These dogs will leave hair piles laying around. Brush their fur to keep things tidy!
  • Hunter – These dogs are natural hunters. Send them off into the world, and they’ll hunt and dig for things.
  • Independent – These dogs are less likely to need constant affection and can even walk themselves. (Conflicts with Loyal)
  • Jumpy – These dogs are easily frightened, and like to hide more often. They will often shy away from things like fights.
  • Loyal – These dogs want to be closer with their owners and love to be pet. They like to follow their owners around. (Conflicts with Independant)
  • Playful – These pets love toys and want to play all the time, even when they’re not excited.
  • Sleuth – These dogs are naturally more curious and like to investigate different objects around the house.
  • Smart – These bright dogs are easier to train and pick up tricks quickly. They might even understand Simlish!
  • Stubborn – These dogs don’t like being told what to do. Scolding them doesn’t do much to change their misbehavior, but you can try begging them to stop.
  • Troublemaker – These dogs are always up to nothing good. They will often misbehave and can even be encouraged to do so.
  • Vocal – These dogs like to howl occasionally, and can even sing on command.

I mentioned this in my recreating my dogs post. Each breed has one trait already assigned to them from this list. You can get rid of this trait if you don’t want it. But I have to throw it out there, Sims did an amazing job and made Pit Bulls with the auto-assigned trait of Friendly. Which I so appreciate as Pit Bulls are such friendly creatures, it’s just the owners that train them poorly. Hell, any dog can be aggressive or don’t know boundaries if not properly trained.

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Trailer

Do I recommend? Hell yeah! I love the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!


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