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The Sims 4: City of Love Family Tree

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As we’re nearing the 40th episode of City of Love over on our YouTube channel, I thought it would be fun to do a quick update on the family tree since there are so many characters in this let’s play. I tried to lay out all of the characters roughly in the pattern of a family tree structure but of course there aren’t really lines so let me trying to explain it the best way I can by breaking it down into generations going left to right.

Generation 1

  • Mandy and Eddie Sellers. These were the parents of Caroline, Hayden, Angela, and Tommy Sellers, but have since passed away. Eddie died from a heart attack after too much woohoo, while Mandy died of an unknown cause that made her humiliated to death.
  • Theo and Stevie Westfall. The rich art collectors of San Myshuno that had two children: Parker and Blair. They lived in an industrial penthouse in their retirement and passed away of old age, leaving all descendants a nice inheritance to use.

Generation 2

  • Caroline and Adeyln Crouse. Co-workers and DJ club members that fell in love. They got married and adopted two children: Gabriel and Chloe. Caroline is the twin sister of Hayden and childhood best friends of Allison. She aspired to become a DJ but has since fallen in love with the rock genre.
  • Hayden and Allison Sanders-Seller. Once neighbors and now married, they have been together through it all from rebellious teenage years to death of their parents. They stick together and have two kids together: Carlie and Melinda. They also are raising Tommie and Angela after their parents past away.  Allison is an inspiring musician while Hayden hopes to be a gamer.
  • Angela and Tommy Sellers. Twins of Mandy and Eddie, being raised along side of their nieces Carlie and Melinda. They are a bit resentful of their siblings (Caroline and Hayden) that they didn’t get to grow up with their parents and act out a lot. One of them will probably end up getting the mischief aspiration, while the other tries to become more like Mandy in going down the tech guru career.
  • Sonya and Parker Westfall. The power couple of San Myshunyo. Parker is the leader of the free world while Sonya is a charity icon. Together they have three children: Caden, Louie Thomas, and Gracie. Sonya is the older sister of Allison who raised her baby sister after their parents passed away.
  • Blair and David Goldberg were heart school sweethearts. They had a child named Jared in wedlock before David vanished. Blair raised Jared on her own and became an established journalist. Years later David returned as a top secret agent, got married to his sweetheart and they got pregnant with Colby.

Generation 3

  • Gabriel and Chloe Crouse. The adopted children of Adelyn and Caroline Crouse. Gabriel loves sports while Chloe enjoys art.
  • Carlie Sanders-Seller. Child of Hayden of Allison. Carlie is a bit of a tomboy who is going to love photography, when she become a child the image of Max Caulfield from Life is Strange popped into mind so she’s going to have similar characteristics.
  • Melinda Sanders-Seller. Child of Hayden of Allison. I haven’t decided her storyline yet. If you have thoughts, let me know in the comments either here or on one of the videos in this series.
  • Caden Westfall. The oldest child of Parker and Sonya. He dreams of being a scientist some day and is a bit nerdy though he tries to fit in with his more popular cousins.
  • Gracie and Louis Thomas Westfall. The Westfall twins that are as thick as thieves. Gracie dreams of becoming a vet (I’m getting the pet expansion pack and she won’t age up to young adult until that comes around, so I can ensure that happening for her) while Louis Thomas is into sports. Originally Louis Thomas was called Thomas but upon realizing name similarities, he now goes by his real first name.
  • Colby Goldberg. The middle child of Blair and David, he dreams of being a comedian and most popular person in town.
  • Anderson Goldberg. The youngest child of Blair and David, he is not pictured in the photo above as he was born off camera and is still a baby. But soon we will be exploring his character arc. If you have thoughts on what you think Anderson should grow up to be like, let me know in the comments.
  • Jared Goldberg and Tori Joyce. Jared is the oldest child of Blair and David, but was only raised by Blair so he doesn’t talk to his brothers as often as he never grew up with them. He moved in with a college friend and vampire named Tori, who after using a wishing well were given a daughter named Kylie who is biologically both of theirs. Tori wished for love and ended up falling madly in love with Jared. Both are in the art related careers. Tori is a painter while Jared is an art critic.

Generation 4

  • Kylie Goldberg. The wishing well child of Tori and Jared. She is the leader of the WeSendants club that is comprised of Colby, Caden, Angela, and Tommy.

What would you love to see in the series as they move out of San Msyhuno and into NewCrest?


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