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The Sims 4: Creating Myself


So two of my favorite YouTubers: Zoe Sugg from Zoella and Alfie Deyes from PointlessBlog, decided to create a new sims series where they created themselves. And I thought it would be fun just to design myself in The Sims 4. Which was actually hard to do because the blonde is too light but a color I wish I had, and the brunette is way too dark. So I decided just to go with the blonde I wish I had again. I kept the makeup on all the outfits rather generic for what I would do which is a natural eye and a very bold vampy lipstick. Another thing I could get correct when designing my sim was tattoos. This edition of the game doesn’t have any wrist, collar bone, behind the ear or ankle tattoos similar enough to what I have so I opted just to do three flying birds on the shoulder blade. Though you can’t see that from the snapshots.

For aspiration, I honestly wasn’t sure which one I wanted to do as there are three I would honestly select. Those being: Best Selling Author, Big Happy Family, and Computer Whiz. For this character, I decided Computer Whiz fit the best. As for traits I went with creative, geek, and family orientated.

These outfits that I choose are very true to what I would generally where for each situation. Every day wear I tend to wear a sweatshirt with jeans and boots, though that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear something more dressy every now and then. For a formal event, I would really see myself wearing this black ombre dress with some black heels. For workouts, I’m generally wearing a hoodie and leggings with my black sneakers. Sleepwear is typically a tank and shorts. Party wear was a bit of a challenge as I don’t really wear any one sort of item for this, but decided for the creation of myself that I would go with a simple black dress with a necklace as that’s generally the only time I wear jewerly. And swim wear, if I’m going swimming or chilling by a lake then I’m in a fun patterned bikini.

I did save this sim to the gallery if you wanted to use it for any reason using #maepolzine.

How would you create yourself in the Sim? What would your aspiration and traits be?

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