The Sims 4: Creating the Eevee Evolutions

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My all time favorite Pokemon has to be Eevee and all of its evolutions. And when I got home the other night, the thought dawned on me. “Why don’t I just create them in The Sims 4 now that there are Cats & Dogs?” Then I spent a good five minutes debating if I should create them as cats or as dogs. I decided to create them as dogs mainly as Eevee is very similar in appearance to a Pomeranian. Then after creating Eeevee, I had to pause again because do I create all the evolutions as small dogs or large dogs. Considering in Pokemon, they are larger in size but they all vary. I ended up just going with small dogs since I wanted to stay true to the idea that they were all Pomeranian mixes.

The only one of the Eeveelutions that I didn’t create in the end was Glaceon as I didn’t have room to add another dog in the family. Plus that one would look the most off since I couldn’t give the tendrils. I also wish I could’ve given Umbreon red eyes inside of yellow, but that wasn’t an option in the Sims. Change nose color, sure. Custom eye color from the “normal” dog eye color, no way in hell.

If you want to see how I created the Eevee Clan, check out my CAS video on YouTube! The clan is available for download in the gallery. My user ID is MaePolzine or you can search the tag #thedragonite

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