The Sims 4: Creating the Rest of the Polzine Family

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Hello everyone! It’s Mae! I’m not feeling the greatest as I’m currently dealing with the most awful flu in the world. So to cheer myself up I decided to create the rest of my family in the Sims. That being my mom and my older sister. One of the most difficult things to do was to replicate their hair and clothing. As there weren’t that many choices of things I could honestly see them wearing. Now there was enough things to create a full set wardrobe for each of them but I’m sure each of them would comment that I’m off on something.

Momma Polzine

My mom is the greatest. She’s very independent and very outgoing. She makes friends wherever she goes which is why I gave her the “Friend of the World” aspiration with the traits of outgoing, loves outdoors, and family oriented. My mom is the happiest when she’s outside doing anything active from going for walks with the dogs to playing golf.

Lucy Polzine

My big sister, Lucy, has a heart of gold and would do anything for family. And I love her for that! I can definitely see her having a big happy family one day, so that’s why I gave her that aspiration. As well as gave her the traits of family oriented, perfectionist, and good. Because these three things out of everything out of all the Sims traits, sum up my sister the best.

How would you create your family in the sims? Let me know as I would love to hear what you think of your families.

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