The Sims 4: Friends Cast

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In yesterday’s post I showed my recreation of the apartment from the TV show Friends, which I have been marathoning. Currently on Season 6 and the other night while I was watching the show I decided to recreate elements of the show. So today I thought I would show my version of the Friends cast. Now I was watching the show at the time while I was creating the characters, so different outfits are inspired by different episodes. But for those that have never seen the characters, I did put promo pictures next to my recreation of them for reference.

Rachel Green

Traits: Squeamish, Self-Assured, and Materialistic.

Friends Rachel Green Sims 4Friends Rachel Green

Monica Geller

Traits: Perfectionist, Neat, and Active. Though I was tempted to give her ambitious.

Friends Monica Geller Sims 4Friends Monica Geller

Ross Geller

Traits: Genius, Jealous, and Family Oriented. Though I was tempted to give him unflirty as in the episode The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt (Season 5 Episode 19), I thought these ones just worked better for him.

Friends Ross Geller Sims 4Friends Ross Geller

Phoebe Buffay

Traits: Cheerful, Music Lover, and Childish.

friends phoebe buffay sims 4friends phoebe buffay

Chandler Bing

Traits: Goofball, Clumsy, and Bro.

Friends chandler Bing sims 4Friends chandler Bing

Joey Tribbiani

Traits: Glutton, Romantic, and Bro.

friends joey tribbiani sims 4friends joey tribbiani

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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