The Sims 4: My Favorite Custom Content (CC)

I’ve never really been a custom content user when it comes to games. I love playing them vanilla or as they were intended to be played. Though don’t get me wrong I find some mods in video games hilarious or can enhance gameplay. In Sims I rarely get mods, but there are a few I love. These are typically Maxis Match so they look like they belong in the game rather than something changing the aesthetic of the game. So I’m going to be updating this post with all the locations where I get Custom Content (CC) that falls into this category.

And yes, that is my Sim self wearing the CC. I do not have this version of my sim self uploaded to the gallery, but the one I made previously where I still have long blonde hair is.

Where I Find Custom Content (CC)?

You’ll probably start seeing CC appears in my gameplay over on YouTube, but it won’t be anything too crazy. I also have to cut down on Create-a-Sim and Build/Buy Mode as they are getting flagged for copyright… which in the past year has never once happened. And I don’t want to deal with that as I already had every video on YouTube get un-monetized (they took away monetization) for the time being. Apparently I need like 5K+ more videos before I can re-apply monetization. Which sucks considering I had it for a year. But whatever, I started streaming on Twitch on weekends. So join me for streams. As I would seriously love to hang out with you in the stream while playing video games.

What Custom Content do you love for Sims 4?


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