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The Sims 4: Parenthood Game Pack Trailer Reaction


Coming on May 30th, The Sims 4 will be releasing another game pack called Parenthood. Which makes me really excited with the relatively recent release of toddlers. And I’ve been finding raising children and teenagers to be rather basic as of late. Especially as I loved in The Sims 3 there was generations that allowed for school dances and pimples. Because why not make it more realistic. So what’s all included in this game pack? I’m basing all of this around the trailer released by developers on their official YouTube channel.

Toddlers are going to be more ill-behaved as if they weren’t already challenging enough. In the trailer it features a toddler that is causing a giant mess in the kitchen as toddlers do in real life if left to their own devices. So look forward to developing your “parenting skill” as they refer to it as by cleaning up after them.

You can help children with what looks like science projects and various other things, which I love the idea of. Because I have memories of my mom helping me out back in elementary school, to complete various school projects and coming up with science fair ideas. Including what common household item cleans a penny the best. So having this option in the game, will make me want to leave the children being children longer so I can experience everything. Whereas, right now I’m quickly just trying to have them develop skills to age them up as I don’t find a lot of “kid” activities in the Sims 4 very interesting. According to their blog post about the future release, some of the projects include volcanoes, backyard rockets, stethescoping on teddy bears, and more.

Teenagers are going to be more rebellious, which is something I’m excited about since there isn’t a curfew anymore in this release of The Sims as compared to the past games. Teenagers will also have pimples popping up on their faces which is way more realistic. Not sure if it will be as simple to get rid of in the Sims 3 where they applied pimple cream in the mirror or if it’s just a face detail in CAS (Create a Sim).

Plus there looks like a lot of great new build/CAS items are in store with this release! As well as other things you can do including burping, swearing, and farting. And these in turn will develop traits for your sims as they grow up. Which I love the idea of as you can raise “perfect” well-mannered children who set the table, or be laid back and let them get away with things. I can’t wait for this release and will for sure be getting this game pack!

What do you think of the newest game pack they have announced? Are you going to get it? If so, what part are you looking forward to the most? 


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