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The Sims 4: Recreating my Dogs


Over the weekend the expansion pack for The Sims 4 called Cats & Dogs launched. And you cannot imagine how excited I was for this to launch. Especially when the trailers showed that there was a new profession (vet) and there was a paint wheel. Wish this was available for sims for their hairs. But I can get why they didn’t do this as they would have to undo and recreate literally everything in the Sims. So I can be happy with it only being available for the pets. As I was able to recreate my dogs in the Sims!

As a side note, I am seriously loving this expansion pack. I also love that for a Pit Bull the first generated trait is Friendly. Take that everyone who thinks they are vicious. It’s not the breed, it’s the owners and their terrible training. Pits are super sweet! Any dog can be vicious with horrible training. So I’m glad the auto-generated trait is Friendly instead of Aggressive.

Pixie Bug

So above is the real life version of my little baby named Pixie Bug. And below is the recreation of her within the Sims. I took around an hour and a half to recreate her. As she has so many patches and spots that cover her body. I started out by mixing a corgi and a parson terrier at a rat terrier was not available. Then sent hours perfecting the pup until it looked as close as possible to my little bug.

For traits in the Sims, I gave her the following traits:

Winnie Bear

This is my mom and sister’s rescue dog. She’s also Pixie’s BFF. I also probably spent a lot more time recreating Winnie in the Sims 4 as I wanted to get it perfect. To create her I mixed a corgi with a beagle then literally spent an hour painting all of her patches to look correct. After I made it I showed the pup to my sister, Lucy, and my mom and both of them literally went “Oh My God! Oh My God!” For like 10 minutes each. So I think I got it pretty spot on. As I spent quite a while just getting her stomach perfect since she has hardly any fur there so it’s all pink with some very faint brown spots.

For traits, I gave her the following:

What type of dog do you have? If not, what kind would you love to have in real life or within Sims? I really want a second dog that’s a German Shepard.

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