The Sims 4: Switching from Maxis Match to Alpha CC

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When I started playing The Sims 4, I missed custom content or redesigns that you could get on the Sims 3 online gallery. But after like two years, I discovered you could through third party sites and at the time I heavily loved Maxis Match only. Including no skin details, 3D lashes, or anything that didn’t look like it was from The Sims 4. There were tons of creators out there for the Alpha style, but it just wasn’t for me at the time… well as you can probably tell but the title. My opinion has changed. I will always love aspects of the Maxis style and use some elements of it. But now (probably after binge watching all of Clare Siobhan’s Sims 4 series) I am loving the Alpha style… skin details and all. It just makes the Sims look so much more interesting and opens up a whole new area from clothes to hair to objects that you just don’t find in the Maxis Match realm.

I made a post a while ago on where I get all of my custom content from when I was in love with the Maxis Match style. I’m going to leave that post alone and go forward with not updating it all of the time. But if you want to check that one out, here is the link for that post. As for mods, I still use the same ones mentioned in that post as well including MC Command Center. It just helps bring more drama to your game but also makes your sims have way more crazy of a life. Including autonomous interactions like marriages and pregnancies… which I sometimes disable in the command center if I want to tell a certain storyline. ‘Cause I hate if I have something in mind for a let’s play then suddenly they’re married with kids while you’re in the middle of getting the two sims married. As I said THE DRAMA!

I only get my Alpha custom content from one site and that’s The Sims Resource, which actually has custom content for each of the games. But I only play Sims 4 these days.

In order to run Alpha custom content in the best format so there are zero to limited issues like transparency, you need to make sure Laptop Mode is not enabled. Also make sure your graphs are set to very high or ultra for the best quality. However, this does require that your graphics card/computer is able to handle that or your game will lag way more than Maxis Match content.

Maxis Match CC Style

Sims 4 Maxis Match CC Mae Polzine

Alpha CC Style

Sims 4 Alpha CC Mae Polzine

Both styles were created using the same sim which is actually my sim self. The differences between the two sims if you were curious are the following items: hair, eyebrows, makeup, clothing, skin details, and tattoo. Everything else is exactly the same between the two.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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